World Kindness Day at VIS

VIS celebrated World Kindness Day to highlight the benefits and positive effects of how we interact with each other.

Digital Citizenship Week at VIS

VIS celebrates the Digital Citizenship Week, designed to teach its students how to be responsible and safe online.

Unity day at VIS

We believe every child has the right to feel safe and supported.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 2020

Since 2014 more than 100 students were involved.

VIS Primary School - Umweltzeichen Report

The Umweltzeichen has recently commended VIS for its actions.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

We congratulate the Class of 2020 and send them our best wishes for a bright future! 

Congratulations to our Visual Arts Class 2020!

Please join us in congratulating them on their art work!

VIS celebrates the Maher Action Day/Week

For fifteen years, VIS has been supporting MAHER.

VIS celebrates Earth Day

The VIS community is committed to creating awareness of the need for a sustainable environment.

Students Visiting from San Marino

Through this exchange, our community was once again able to increase the understanding of other cultures and different ways of learning.

VIS Performance at Peterskirche

VIS celebrated a beautiful, successful concert at St. Peter’s Church.

Fundraiser for Australian Bushfires

This student initiative offered our community an opportunity to get involved and bring a contribution to remediating some of the issues that our world is currently facing.

VIS organises the Model United Nations of Vienna (MUNoV) 2020

MUN is an educational activity which encourages the inclusion of youth in pressing UN-related issues through fostering crucial skills, such as confidence building, diplomacy, and formal writing.

VIS adopts the DQ Framework

As a society we are facing unprecedented challenges – social, economic and environmental – driven by accelerating globalization and a faster rate of technological developments.

Annual Performing Arts Winter Concert

The VIS Music Programme focuses on creativity while also encouraging the students to develop their own individual skills and building their confidence.

VIS uses even greener electricity (Ökostrom)

VIS continues assessing the building and the daily operations to optimize the internal processes towards becoming environmentally friendly.

VIS in the Newspapers

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