VIS Hosts Annual Cultural Exchange with San Marino Students

Enriching Experience Strengthening International Bonds


Vienna International School (VIS) recently concluded a cultural exchange programme, hosting 20 students from San Marino, the oldest republic in the world. This yearly initiative aims to foster cultural understanding and create lasting bonds between the students of different countries.

Before the February break, the halls of VIS echoed with the laughter and excitement of the visiting students from San Marino. During their stay, the students immersed themselves in the rich culture of Vienna, indulging in sightseeing adventures and partaking in various educational activities organized by the school. The itinerary for the students was nothing short of exhilarating. From exploring Vienna's historical landmarks to engaging in interactive lessons and activities at VIS, every moment was carefully crafted to provide them with an immersive experience. Moreover, social events were organized in the evenings, allowing the students to forge friendships with their VIS peers and experience the warmth of VIS hospitality.

This experience was a testament to the power of cultural exchange in broadening perspectives and fostering mutual respect. The VIS community wholeheartedly embraced their guests, extending their hospitality and making them feel at home away from home. Looking ahead, the cultural exchange is set to continue in May, with 20 VIS students eagerly preparing to embark on a journey to San Marino. The VIS students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of this esteemed republic, further deepening the bonds of friendship and understanding between the two schools.