Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy of Vienna International School

  • Google remarketing campaigns

"This website uses cookies for the purpose of targeting visitors via remarketing campaigns with online advertising at a later time in the Google advertising network. To serve remarketing ads, third parties such as Google use cookies based on a visit to this website. As a user, you have the option of deactivating Google's use of cookies by visiting the Google deactivation page at or deactivating the use of cookies on the deactivation page of the Network Advertising Initiative."

  • Google Analytics Demographic Features

To indicate that you are using the "demographic features" by using data from the Google Display Network, there must also be an indication of the opt-out that any user can make in their Google ad preferences. Such a text could, for example, read this way:

"This website uses Google Analytics demographic feature reports, which use data from Google's interest-based advertising and third party visitor information (such as age, gender, and interests). This information is not personally identifiable and can be disabled at any time through ad preferences."