Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA)

What is the PTA?

The PTA is a non-profit organization run by parents and teachers. Monthly PTA meetings are open to everyone and are held to plan and organize fundraising, social events, and activities. All members of the community are encouraged to attend and participate in the various clubs and volunteer opportunities. An elected Executive Committee administers the PTA-VIS budget and manages activities.

What is the purpose of PTA?  

  • Plan and organize social events and activities that create and cultivate a sense of community at VIS. 
  • Support school outreach efforts which enhance school programs and initiatives. 
  • Raise and distribute VIS funds in a purposeful manner to benefit the students and community. 
  • Advocate for our children and families by promoting good communication between parents, teachers, administration and staff.  

The PTA makes a valuable contribution to the promotion of community spirit within the school with the aim of enriching life of the school.  PTA activities serve directly and exclusively the association's purpose. 

How do I become a member?

It is easy! If you are a parent or  teacher and you would like to get involved, simply email ptachair(at)  There are no forms to fill out or membership fees to pay. 

How does the PTA serve the Community? 

New Family Welcome Programme: Much of what make VIS strong is the warm, welcoming community. The New Family Welcome Family programme matches existing school families with new families to help ensure a smooth transition at VIS.  Once you are enrolled in VIS, you can join the welcome family connection. Please contact newfamily(at) if you are a parent soon to be joining or considering joining our community and would benefit from hearing more about life at VIS and Vienna.

Sponsored Events: Welcome Back Picnic, PTA Rocks, Coffee Mornings, Winter Market, Bingo Family Day, Summer Bazaar

Clubs: Culture Club, Walking club, Running Club, Cooking Club, Hobby Club, Book Club, Language Clubs

Seminars: Interesting and educational seminars are organized by the PTA for our community throughout the year.  Some of our recent and upcoming seminars include: medical services in Austria, nutrition, drug prevention, and Third Culture Kids.

Grants programme: Our PTA grants programme provides grants to teachers and students for the benefit of our students, teachers and community.

The PTA Shop: We sell VIS logo clothing and accessories to boost community spirit. Funds raised by these sales  go back into the PTA for events and PTA-sponsored grants.

The Booster Club:  We sell food, snacks, and drinks after school. Proceeds are invested back into enriching the sports program at VIS.  

Primary School Parents Representatives:  Parent representatives in each classroom liaise information between the primary class teachers and parents.

Secondary Social Network:  Want to connect socially with secondary parents in your student's grade?  Join this network which offers outings and support.



Why join our Parent-Teacher-Association?

Parent and teacher contributions of time and expertise strengthen and add vitality to our community. You can read all about the many reasons to join below. It's as easy as sending  a quick email to: ptachair(at) 

Our Facebook group "PTA VIS" 



Why should you get involved?

It's fun!


Why should you get involved?

You, such as your child in school, can find a home away from home at PTA.


Why should you get involved?

You'll be part of a network!


Why should you get involved?

You can learn from and grow with the PTA!


Why should you get involved?

You'll make a difference!


Why should you get involved?

It's good for your child!


Why should you get involved?

You meet lovely people!


Why should you get involved?

You'll be a role model for your own kids.


Why should you get involved?

There is always a place for you to get involved!


Why should you get involved?

You can help from home or from school!