Newsletter - 24 January 

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Reminder - Use of Mobile Phones at School

As we move forward into the new year, we would like to kindly remind our community about the school's policy regarding the use of mobile devices on the VIS premises and particularly in some areas. The School has three phone-free zones: The Cafeteria, the Theatre and both Libraries. Phone use in these areas is not allowed. Phones must also not be used while moving around the building. This applies equally to students, parents, visitors and staff. Thank you for helping us set a positive example for our students by not using the mobile phones in the mentioned zones or while walking inside/ outside the building. Please read the VIS Guidelines regarding Digital Distractions which outlines the expectations for responsible use of resources at VIS.


Dear VIS Families, at the end of the school year some of you will be leaving the VIS community to return home or to move on to new home in a new location and you will be greatly missed. The Yearbook Team would like to offer you the opportunity to place a special message of Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)  from your family in the VIS Yearbook.

If you would like to submit a parting message for printing, please email visyearbook(at) and we will send you the text and photo guidelines for submission. All entries would need to be received by Monday, 2 March at 12:00.

The Yearbook Team

For the families coming to school by car, we ask for your support in mainstreaming the car traffic during drop off and pick up time, by using the following areas as indicated below:

  • Before reaching the main gate on the left side, please use the "10 Minutes Parking" area for stoping, parking and dropping off the younger students inside the school
  • After passing the main gate on the left side, you can use the "Kiss & Drive" (short term payable parking) area, for shortly stoping and dropping off the older independent students, then clearing the area to make room for the other cars waiting to do the same 
  • Before and after reaching the main gate, on the right side, you can use the Kurparkzone (short term payable parking) area. We recommend that you only park there for a short amount of time during drop off or pick up time, to create space for the other members of our community.

Thank you for your support!



First Semester Reports on ManageBac

As the first semester comes to an end, we are pleased to provide you with an update on your child’s progress so far this year through the PYP Report for Semester 1. The reports are currently being uploaded on ManageBac and you will be able to access them in a short while through the Reports tab on your child’s ManageBac profile, in a downloadable pdf format. Parents who have been at VIS in previous years will notice a slight change to the format of the report template. The change comes as ManageBac has recently adapted to developments in the PYP. Parents may also access this Parent Guide to Reading Reports for further explanation of the contents of the report.

Please note that students who enrolled after 25 November 2019 will not receive a report until 17 June. Please also note that ManageBac has announced a brief scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 26 January from 10:00 to13:00 and therefore the system will be closed to all users.  

We encourage you to take the time this weekend to read the semester report with your child. It represents an invaluable opportunity to reflect together, to celebrate progress made academically and social-emotionally. It’s also a chance to discuss possible goals for improvement in the second semester and strategies to achieve those goals. This act of reflecting and celebrating engenders in your child a sense of pride in accomplishment, responsibility for future growth, and agency in their overall learning experience.  

This report is one of several ways we share information with you about your child’s progress at school.  We have created a Sharing Learning with Parents Overview to help inform you of the many ways we share your child’s learning with you. It provides an overview of these opportunities throughout the year and clarifies expectations for parent engagement to assist you with planning for events you’re invited to. Please take a look to see which events we encourage parents to attend.

With the first semester reports now shared, you will have the opportunity to discuss them with your child’s class and specialist teaches at the upcoming Parent Teacher Student Conferences on Wednesday, 11 March and Thursday, 19 March (13:00 to 17:30). 

Using our online booking system, Parents sign up for 15-minute conferences with their child’s class teacher and, where available, 10-minute conferences with specialist teachers - PE, Music, Art (G1-5 only), German (G1-5 only) and Drama (G1-5 only).  We will send instructions in next week’s bulletin and in a reminder email closer to the date when the system opens.


To help us with a smooth re-implementation of the SeeSaw digital portfolio platform, we remind parents of the following:

Discussing reports with your child

As the reports have been sent home today, there are ample opportunities to discuss their content with your child in an age-appropriate way. The result of these conversations will demonstrate your commitment to your child’s progress and that you value sharing feedback with them. You will be able to model how to use the feedback from the reports to set goals with your child, demonstrating your involvement and care. 

For the upper grades, it may be beneficial to read the report together so that they are aware of their strengths and areas for development within different subjects. This would then form the basis of a discussion regarding how you can support your child’s goals at home, further strengthening the home-school partnership. 

Younger students would benefit from a discussion where you could share an identified strength. This form of communication supports students identifying their own strengths and areas for development with you. It is important that these conversations are focused on being supportive, considering your child’s personality and should focus on the great progress that they have made. 

Questions you could ask your child are: 

  • What tasks have you been doing in class? 
  • Have you been finishing the tasks? 
  • What did you find easy? 
  • What was hard for you?

We hope that you find these suggestions beneficial and wish you a lovely weekend celebrating learning!


Calculate with Confidence!

A Special Mathematics Curriculum Session for Primary Parents

Explore the mental and written calculation strategies the primary school uses to help students become flexible and confident problem-solvers. Teachers from across the grades will demonstrate several of the strategies used in class and share practical ideas for practicing them with your child at home. Please join us for a fun and informative presentation from 08:30-10:00 on Thursday, 30 January in the Primary Library.

  • 24 January:  End of First Semester in the Primary School.  Progress Reports available on ManageBac
  • 30 January (08:30 to 10:00 in the Primary Library):  PYP Curriculum Information Session - Helping all Children Reach Their Potential in Mathematics
  • 31 January (15:30 to 16:15 in the Secondary Aula):  Community Talk with Niel Walsh
  • 12 February:  Photo Retake Day
  • 13 February:  Mother Language Day Breakfast (08:00 to 08:30 - Octagon)
  • 13 February:  Seesaw for Parents Workshop (08:45 to 10:00 - Secondary Aula) - RSVP here please by 7 February
  • 14 February:  Staff Work Day (School Closed to Students)
  • 14 - 23 February:  February Break - School resumes 24 February




Dear VIS Secondary Community

I want to start by wishing the the Grade 7 students all the best on their Ski Week. Parents please ensure that you review all communication and drop your child off with plenty of time to spare.  Meeting time is 09:30 on Sunday here at VIS. We want to ensure and ontime departure.

Grade 12s enter their second week of Mock exams. Good luck with your remaining exams.  

We are very grateful to all parents who have become experts in using ManageBac to submit attendance excusals for their children. Remember that this required to ensure that that everyone knows the reason for an absence.  

This Friday, 24 January is the last day of the Semester.  For Grades 6-8 this will involves a change in design teacher and switch between Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Mr. Devenport will send an email reminder directly to students and they will need to check their timetables on ManageBac over the weekend so they know where to go on Monday morning. Grade 7s will start their Semester two rotation after they return from the Ski Trip. Semester one reports will be published, and can be viewed on Managebac, from Tuesday, 11 February.

There are a number of sports activities happening this weekend so please check out the sports links in the newsletter. 

Have a restful weekend. 


Marc Starr



Dear Secondary School Students,    

VIS will be hosting the Science Fair again next year on the Saturday, 21 March 2020 and we are looking forward to your participation with a project in any area of natural sciences, design, and engineering. The theme of the fair is ‘Vienna – Cradle of Science’ coordinated by the IAEA – Women in Nuclear, and UN Institute of Nuclear Materials Management. Please share your ideas for projects and/or activity you may wish to organize on the day, and sign up with your science teachers by the end of January 2020. We will then be meeting and working on the projects. Science Fair is a wonderful opportunity to express your interests, interact with students from other schools and scientists from the UN, as well as to get an award for your efforts.  

The most important details are here:

Website with instructions for participation and the rules for the project

Registration (Closing Date: Monday, 16 March)

Looking forward to your participation and creative projects!

The Science Department

The English and ELA departments are very excited to have co-jointly organized a grade-specific prose writing competition for MYP Grades 6-10 students. The project is being launched this week with all the competition information accessible by all MYP students. The deadline for students to submit their work is Thursday, 23 April at 16:00. They should submit their work to the following Email address: viswritingcomp(at)

The goal of the competition is to challenge students to showcase their talents and ideas by focusing on the theme of An Alternative Future.  The aim is to encourage students, both ELA and mainstream English students, to create original work so they may explore and examine meaning, concepts, form, and points of views, and at the same time, to provide a platform for students to exhibit their literary work. The winning entries will be published.

The judges from both departments will read all entries and determine a winner from each grade. Special prizes will also be awarded and the presentation of prizes will take place in June 2020.

Should there be any queries, students are asked to contact their English teacher. In the Intranet you can find last years' winners texts.

Looking forward to your participation and creative texts!



Re-Enrolment Process for 2020-2021

The Re-enrolment process for 2020-2021 is well under way with 74% of families having shared their children’s Re-enrolment intent already. Many thanks to these families for being so prompt with your responses! However, the 26% of you who have not implemented a YESNO or UNDECIDED intent on the online Re-enrolment form over the coming weekend will receive a reminder on Monday, 27 January 2020 morning. Please remember that email addresses that you shared with the school and where the Re-enrolment message was and will be sent to on Monday, might actually not be your work email address but your private email address. Kindly complete the online Re-enrolment form on the weekend or when receiving the Monday reminder. In case you have any questions regarding the Re-enrolment process for 2020-2021 please send an email to annualre-enrolment(at)

REMINDER INFORMATION - All parents of currently enrolled students have received an email on Thursday, 9 January 2020, with an invitation to express their Re-enrolment intentions for each of their children for the next academic year, 2020-2021, commencing 31 August 2020. Parents will be able to indicate one of the following answers online: YES, NO and UNDECIDED. Please make sure to complete the online Re-enrolment process by the deadline given, Friday, 14 February 2020. In case you have any questions regarding the Re-enrolment process, please send an email to annualre-enrolment(at)

The Admissions Office has already received a great number of complete applications for next academic year. Many thanks to those of you who applied early. In grades where we know that we have a great number of vacancies available (ELC, GP, G1, G2, G6, G9) the Admissions Coordinator started with first offers already. For all other grades we will start to offer places after the deadline for the annual Re-enrolment, 14 February, or as soon as we know that we have places vacant. If you have a child in your family that you wish to apply for please start the application process as soon as possible as the application date plays an important role in the admissions process. Applications can only be done online. Please follow this link to complete an online application for your child. In case you have any questions please contact the Admissions Team directly on admissions(at)

If, for any reason, you need to withdraw your child from VIS you are asked to send a written notice to the Admissions Office, admissions(at) The following is an excerpt of the annually published VIS tuition fees schedule 2019-2020, page 5:

Early Departures: Parents/Guardians may terminate the schooling contract prematurely before its expiration at the end of the school year by way of a notice in writing to the Admissions Coordinator. The termination takes effect at the end of the second (2nd) calendar month following the month of receipt of the notice by VIS, unless the notice expressly states that the termination take effect on the last day of a later month. Unless notice is given in writing, fees will continue to be charged and the deposit will not be returned.

School Fees are calculated pro rata on the basis of complete calendar months, are payable until the termination takes effect. If the termination takes effect at the end of the month of May, School Fees are payable until the end of the school year. Unless notice is given in writing, fees will continue to be charged and the deposit will not be reimbursed. For example: If you must withdraw your child/ren from VIS at the end of March 2020, you will have to notify the Admissions Team in writing by the end of January 2020.

In the case of early departures, all and any of the school’s outstanding claims against the parent/guardian are due and payable not later than on the school working day preceding the last day of the student’s attendance. Parents/Guardians are entitled to a refund (without interest) of a credit balance of school fees paid in advance, if any, remaining after settlement of any and all outstanding claims. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the payment of all fees.



Cybercrime Education Seminar

Next Friday, 31 January from 15:30-16:15 (in the Secondary Aula), we are fortunate to welcome Mr. Neil Walsh, the United Nations Chief of Cybercrime and Anti-Money Laundering Section, to talk to the parents in our community about how to protect the children against Cybercrime, as part of a campaign the Secondary School is organising to address the online safety concept. Here are the topics that will be covered during this seminar:

  • Cybercrime – what is it and how to notice it
  • Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse – scale, risks, prevention and help
  • Seeking help
  • Having difficult discussions (especially useful for teachers, parents and children above the age 14)
  • Keeping your devices safe
  • Identifying fake social media accounts

All parents and students are welcome to attend as the UN expert will cover these topics of importance for anyone who has an online presence, as part of the Digital Intelligence (DQ) framework the School is now adopting in order to empower the students to embrace the opportunities of the digital life while being prepared for it. 

Digital Security 

The ability to detect, avoid and manage different level of cyber threats to protect data, devices, network and systems. Since the early days of the internet, people have written malicious codes and sent it out as viruses, worms or Trojan horses. Some can cause a small inconvenience, while others can wipe out data or hijack email to infect the others. Now that digital equipment has become so important to our daily lives, users must be ever diligent as they use their personal devices to bank, shop and store important personal information (e.g. photos, documents, and private data). With the ease of use of these applications it is easy to forget how much data we carry with us.

    With the increased number of  smartphones and tablets, those creating malicious code are moving to these platforms as well. It has been found that some apps could actually have other instructions to take over the device or the information on it. The cost needs to be considered when our data is given away; our privacy can be compromised all in the name of convenience. The reason that this is such an issue is it can do damage or steal your data if your technology becomes infected. It can also send the infection to your friends and family and cause problems to them as well. It is not all about problems- these tools provide great opportunities - but we must protect and keep their materials safe from harm. In the real world we lock our doors and protect what we gave inside. This is a skill that needs to move into the digital world as well.




    The Greener Way to Travel to School

    In addition to supporting our students understand the important aspect of sustainability on a global scale and encouraging them to become the future ambassadors of the planet, the School is also looking to reduce its carbon footprint during the day-to-day operations. The education for sustainability is a major driver for all business procurement decisions in the recent years, and every decision of the School is now embedded in a continuous improvement process for the environment. VIS is also aiming to engage the students and the school community in integrating the concept of sustainability into the school culture and every day life. Here is one idea for our families to consider: why not choose the school bus service instead of driving to school every day?


    • Is it comfortable, reliable and always arrives on time
    • It is convenient - you don’t have to hassle with the morning traffic or the stress of finding a parking place every day
    • The bus has four different routes around Vienna and neighborhood
    • Teaches students responsibility and helps them take ownership of their daily routine
    • It is environmentally friendlier to have more students sharing the school bus rather than using the family car

    Moreover, the school’s bus provider Blaguss has shown support to this initiative by offering 100 EUR discount (from the total amount of 1025 EUR) if you sign up NOW for the second semester, plus free rides by the end of January. Please find more details about the bus transportation service, bus routes and price HERE. For other questions and registrations, please email vis(at)



    Fundraiser for Australian Bushfires

    The school community came together yesterday to raise funds for supporting the animals endangered by the bushfires in Australia. This student initiative offered our community an opportunity to get involved and bring a contribution to remediating some of the issues that our world is facing. With your contribution, the team raised 1280 euro, amount to be donated to Kangoroo Island Wildlife Park and Wildlife Victories sponsored charities. Thank you to the members of the community who supported this project and congratulations to our students for being responsible global citizens!





    This week, we are highlighting an extraordinary action of a Grade 2 student and proud member of the Green Team - Maxi. Right after the New Year's Eve, Maxi expressed his wish to go and collect the garbage and fireworks discarded after the New Year's party, taking his time end efforts to clean up the area next to his house.

    Maxi's mother was proud to share a picture of Maxi taking action to help keep the environment tidy and we are proud to feature it in our weekly newsletter to congratulate Maxi and encourage all students, no matter the age, to think of what can they also do to protect the world around. Maxi says that "if everyone does their share, we can keep our planet clean". We couldn’t agree more. 




    Insingizi Workshop 

    Yesterday, our Grade 10 students had the unique experience of a hands-on workshop with the amazing Insingizi performers from Zimbabwe. Together, we worked on drumming patterns, sang in harmony and finished off the session with a combined final song - students, teachers and performers all enjoying the power of music making. This concludes the series of exposing our Grade 10 music students to a variety of traditional music around the world. Earlier this year, they enjoyed a traditional Indian music workshop as well as a dance focussed session with Scottish music. Here is the link to Insingizi on YouTube.



    UNESCO Mother Language Day

    The UN Mother Language Day is celebrated internationally on 21 February.  VIS students speak almost 90 Mother Tongue languages and we are proud of our linguistic and cultural diversity. As the date falls during the VIS break this year, we will be marking the celebration with a special breakfast on Thursday, 13 February.  Here’s how to get involved:

    1. Mother Tongue Breakfast:  08:00-08:30 in the Octagon on Thursday, 13 February. Give our students the chance to try a bite of a typical breakfast dish from your country and perhaps learn a greeting in your language!

    • Bring a small dish of a breakfast item from your home country -  something that can be shared into “taster” portions is ideal. 
    • No need to provide a large quantity – enough for 20-30 small portions is plenty. 
    • If you are able to stay and to offer the food to students as they arrive at school you are most welcome...
    • ... or you or your child can simply drop the item off in the Octagon anytime from 07:45

    2. Mother Tongue stories in the Primary Library at lunchtime 11 -13 February. There will be stories in the library at lunchtime on Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 February.  It would be great to have some parent volunteers to read stories - in your Mother Tongue - during these sessions. The children enjoy hearing stories in their own and other languages so picture books are ideal!  Each slot is just 15 minutes long - if you are able to volunteer please use this sign-up sheet. If you have any questions please contact Tamsin Roberts at pypmothertongue(at)


    Hosting - We Need Your Help

    During 11-15 March, VIS will be hosting the Varsity Boys Basketball CEESA Tournament. We will have 50-60 guest students from five other international schools coming to Vienna to compete in the tournament. It would be great if you would be available to host two or more guests from 11 to 15 of March (4 nights). 

    The guests will be High School Boys, mostly in grades 11 and 12, between 16 and 18 years of age. The pick-up times will be around 17:00 on the days of arrival and on the tournament days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). The drop off time will be 08:30 on tournament days and will depend on the flight times on departure day. The guest students will get lunch at school on tournament days, so you won’t need to prepare packed lunch for your guest. Breakfast and dinner is sufficient and bringing them to school and back would be needed from our host families. Please contact bmartel(at) if you can be a host family at this tournament. Thank you for your help in hosting the visiting students and making possible for us to host this big sport tournament at VIS!


    Greetings sports fans! Last week VIS hosted 147 racers from six international schools at Hauser Kaibling Ski Area for our annual International Schools Ski Race. The weather was great and the VIS student athletes represented our school community wonderfully while earning the most podium finishes out of all participating schools. Big shout out to the following student-athletes for earning medals in their divisions.

    A Girls:

    Alissa Krausz: 2x Gold, 1x Silver (Overall Champion!)

    Anna Plank: 1x Bronze

    A Boys:

    Sebastian Schwerdtfeger 1x Bronze

    B Girls

    Louisa Tojner: 1x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze (Overall 2nd place)

    Marlene Tojner: 1x Bronze

    Gaia Ventriglia 1x Bronze

    B Boys:

    Caian Skidmore: 1x Silver, 1x Bronze

    C Girls:

    Louisa Rois: 1x Gold, 2x Bronze (Overall Champion!)

    D Girls:

    Anna Salzgeber: 2x Gold

    Minu Linnau: 1x Bronze

    D Boys:

    Laurens Perstel: 1x Gold

    Lukas Rois: 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 


    A big thank you to all racers and parents who helped support the event!



    Second Semester Activities Offer

    The second semester of the After School Activities programme will start after the February Break on Monday, 24 February. The registration for this semester will start with a pre-booking phase for currently booked courses on Thursday, 30 January and after a week of pre-booking we will open the registration for all remaining spots for all parents. Please find HERE the link to the offer of After School Activities for the second semester.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact vis(at)



    Stay Organized, Mark Your Calendars & Get Involved!

    Here is a list of our PTA Meetings for the remainder of this school year:

    PTA Evening Meetings 16:30-18:00

    • Wednesday, 5 February - LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM 
    • Wednesday, 1 April - LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM
    • Wednesday, 3 June - PRIMARY LIBRARY

    PTA Morning Meetings 08:30-10:00

    • Wednesday, 4 March – AULA
    • Wednesday, 6 May – DINING ROOM (Aula will be blocked for exams)

    We need people ready to work in the PTA Shop, especially Friday morning from 8:15-9:00 and as well as on Tuesdays, for the first (14:30-15:20) or the second shift (15:20-16:00). We are looking for volunteers ready to work with money, i.e. organised persons. We do this for all our VIS community after all, so every helpful hand counts. Please write to ptashop(at) if you can spare an hour of your time for volunteering each week.  Many hands make light work. Thank you for your support. 

    Dear New Family,

    within the initiatives organized by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the VIS, we wish to share with you the "VIS New Family Welcome Program" that offers support to new families by connecting them with established volunteer family(ies) who already have some experience of the school and living in Vienna. The volunteer welcoming family(ies) might share the same language(s), nationality(ies) or have children in the same grade.

    The support offered by this program may vary according to the situation, but with an informal and friendly approach, might include:
    * Email or telephone contact before or soon after the new family moves to VIS;
    * Being available to answer questions and share information about the school, living in Vienna etc, to help the new family settle in more quickly;
    * Helping the new family find further information by suggesting useful contacts or links;
    * Introducing the new family to other families with the same nationality, culture, language or children the same age (perhaps arranging coffee meeting and/or play dates with your children.

    If you are new to VIS and would like to have a current Family as point of contact, please fill out this form so that we can find a suitable volunteer family for you.

    For any further information, feel free to contact newfamily(at)

    Bring your paper and have fun! We meet every Friday at 08:30 in the Cafeteria. 

    Cost: €3 per session


    • January:  31 ( flowers)
    • February: 7 and 28 ( stars)
    • March: 6, 13, 20 & 27 ( Kusudamas)
    • April: 3 and 23 (Animals)
    • May: 9,  16 and 30 (Origami 3D )
    • June: 5, 12 and 19 ( Origami in motion)

    Come and join us!

    Come and join us!

    Come and join us!

    If you haven’t joined the PTA VIS Facebook page yet, don’t delay! Our page is active on a daily basis with 607 members and growing fast. Be the first to know about planned community events and  volunteer opportunities. All for the benefit of our children. Our transparent communication is at the tip of your fingertips. Join now!! Facebook search: PTA VIS.

    Vienna International School PTA Communication Corner!

    Social Networking: Join Us!! FACEBOOK- Search "PTA VIS"

    *Contact the Chairs: Ptachair(at) Contact the Chairs: Caterina Veronese & Krista White.

    *Communication Hotline: Hotline(at)  We have created a hotline and WANT to hear from you! Send us your comments, suggestions, new ideas, or concerns.

    *Book Club: aschira(at)  Have an idea for a book to discuss or want to join the group?  Contact Secondary School librarian, Anna Maria Schira

    *Booster Club: boosterclub(at)  Join the Booster club. Help sell snacks after school, support sporting events, and more. Opening Hours are: Monday - Wednesday 2:50 - 5:00pm.

    *Cooking: Cookingclub(at)  Learn how to make delicious international cuisine once a month on Mondays in the VIS kitchen. Stay tuned for the next class announcement.

    *Culture Club: Cultureclub(at)  Join us as we go on monthly guided cultural field trips to meet the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of this beautiful city and its lifestyle.

    *Front of House: sara.christoffersen(at)  Front of House is a PTA Service led by Parent volunteer Sara Christoffersen. Sara runs a fantastic initiative which provides food and drinks at Performing Arts and special events events held in the VIS theater. Help is always needed in setting up and running events throughout the school year.  Please contact Sara if you can volunteer.

    *German Conversation Club: Elisabethriecken(at) Write for more information on meeting days and times.

    *Grants Programme: grants(at) Do you have an idea that you would like to propose for a PTA grant?  The PTA has an official grant program in place & we are eager to receive your submissions that would be beneficial to VIS students.

    *Green Team: greenteam(at)  Join us to become one of the parents supporting the Green Teams.  Your Green ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

    *Hobby Club: hobbyclub(at) Do you have any talents to share OR Do you have any special skills you would like to learn how to do? We need your ideas, suggestions, skills, and we need presenters.

    *Lost & Found : lostandfound(at) Lost & Found Team is now with Green Team.  Let’s  tackle L&F together as a community by using ECO school approach.

    *Lunch Bunch: lunchbunch(at) We meet once a month for lunch and a chat. This is an excellent way to discover new restaurants and meet and connect with school-wide parents.

    *New Family Welcome Program: newfamily(at)  Offer your support to new families at VIS or ask for a welcoming family once you arrive. Always looking for volunteers!

    *Newsletter Editor: newsletter(at)  Have something to put in the PTA section of the newsletter? Submissions must be made by Wednesday evening 8:00pm for display in Friday’s PTA section of the school newsletter.

    *Origami Club: holayuriria(at)  Join the all the ORIGAMI Club every Friday morning in the cafeteria.  8:30am-10:00am.  Learn to the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

    *Parenting Workshops: Writetorachelle(at) Workshops for parents with children of all ages at VIS.  Learn new strategies for communicating with your family, feel normal with other parents and spend some time on what is important! Workshops are held 3:15-4:15pm Mon/Tues/Thurs

    *Primary Social: Pcpcoordinator(at)  If you would like to be on the list to receive information on primary level social events or be on your primary grade level mailing list.

    *PTA Shop: Ptashop(at)  Join the PTA shop volunteers where we sell school accessories, clothes for PE, instruments etc. Opening Hours are: Tuesdays 2:30-4:00pm & Fridays 8:15-9:00am

    *Running: runningtalkies(at)  Run with the running group every Tuesday throughout the school year @ 8:45am. Meeting point: Prater, in front of Republik Kugelmugel. Psssst: there are fast walkers that join in too!

    *Spanish Conversation Club: Andreaniknia(at) Weekly Spanish Conversation classes. Write for more info.

    *Secondary Social: Secondarysocial(at)  Keep in touch & socialize with other secondary parents or be added to the mailing list for your specific secondary grade level

    Seminars: Seminars(at)  Have an idea for a seminar to share with the community? Email Kirsten with your ideas. Seminar Coordinator now open.  Please email if you are interested in taking over this volunteer position.  

    *Walking: Walkietalkies(at)  Walk with the Walkie Talkies every Thursday morning throughout the school year @ 8.45am. Meeting point: Ubahn Kagran, the exit from Siebekstrasse, ground level.

    *Zumba dancetonesculpt(at) Tue, 5.15 – 6.15 pm & Thu, 5.15 – 6.15 pm,  Gym B.  Join the energy.  Join the fun.  This year’s new club has been initiated by a new VIS parent but is currently on hold due to an injury.



    1. The beautiful ice skating rink at Rathaus is opening this weekend. Skate through the park outside of the city Hall. 
    2. The Mozarthouse is offering an open day on Sunday at 10:00.


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