Wild Wonder - First ECO theatre festival at VIS

Every year, VIS students attend three different theatre festivals.

Every year, VIS students attend three different theatre festivals, organized by ISTA (International School Theatre association). This year, it was our turn to host the High School festival. Our chosen theme was "Wild Wonder" - we examined the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and how this could be interpreted in a theatrical way. Hundertwasser was a pioneer of protecting nature, tying in perfectly with our continuous strive to be the most eco-friendly school possible.

Our students and guests were provided with water bottles made from sugar cane, the t- shirts and bags were made of recycled materials, using eco-friendly colors. All our transportation was done with using public transport and also our food was predominantly provided by local suppliers, organic as much as possible. The "out and about" on Friday examined the different roles nature plays here in Vienna -  from being "tenants" at the Kunsthaus, to serving as architectural components in the Belvedere gardens, to the botanical gardens, where we saw the grass tree bloom -  for the first time in 150 years.

All the inspirations, together with the work done by the ISTA artists, inspired our students and guests to create an impressive and thought provoking performance at the school last Sunday.