Vienna International School welcomed Maher

Sister Lucy thanks everyone for their continuous support and involvement with MAHER for over 15 years.

In September, Vienna International School (VIS) had the pleasure of hosting Sister Lucy and Mangesh from Maher for a series of presentations, workshops and valuable encounters with the community. 

On Monday, 16 September, the Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA) organised a breakfast for the parents community to get to know Mangesh and his story while enjoying some delicious traditional food from India. Young Mangesh experienced first hand the impact that the Maher organisation has on children and women in India and is a living testimony to the extraordinary work that this team accomplishes every single day.

“The day I met Sister Lucy, I was born a second time.”, he recounts when talking about his first meeting with Sister Lucy. With her and Maher’s help, he managed to get off the streets and t grow up in a loving and caring environment, get an education and eventually even receive an honors´medal by the president of India. 

Inspired by stories like Mangesh, the students decided to organise an Indian evening - preceded by an Indian welcoming ceremony for Sister Lucy in the morning - to raise awareness for MAHER and their cause. Parents, teachers and staff were treated to a performance by the primary choir who sang a traditional song from India, followed by a welcoming ceremony for Sister Lucy and Mangesh to VIS. In the evening, the festivities continued with a special instrumental and dance performance by students which they learned during a workshop with MAHER. After a touching short movie about the life and mission of Sister Lucy, she directed her words directly to our community, thanking everyone for their continuous support and involvement with MAHER for over 15 years.