VIS Ski Team in Haus Kaibling Race

The recent ski race hosted by VIS at Haus Kaibling proved to be a resounding success, with the VIS Ski Team emerging as undisputed champions.

The students’ performance secured the coveted overall team trophy in both the seniors and juniors categories, showcasing not only individual prowess but also the team's cohesive and collective strength. The slopes of Haus Kaibling witnessed remarkable displays of skill and determination from the VIS skiers, who consistently found their place on the podium across various races and categories. The dedication and effort put forth by each team member were commendable, turning the event into a true celebration of athletic achievement.

A big thank you for the generous support from the Salzgeber family, whose contributions added an extra layer of camaraderie and pride to the VIS Ski Team. Their donation of ski equipment served as a practical enhancement for the athletes and coaches and also as a symbol of community and shared values. With this triumph and the support of the community, the VIS Ski Team looks forward to continued success in future competitions, fueled by their passion for skiing and the unwavering support of their dedicated supporters.