VIS received the second Eco Schools Green Flag

In October 2019, the Green Team students, teachers and parents welcomed the Eco School representative for the periodical assessment that our school undergoes as an accredited member of the Eco Schools organisation. After a detailed evaluation of the school processes in regards to teaching the students about sustainable environment but also being environmentally friendly in the day-to-day operations, the Eco Schools organisation granted Vienna International School the second Green Flag. The feedback regarding our school's Eco actions was very positive and our students were highly praised for their determination and commitment towards protecting the school environment and the planet.

"@vienna_international_school was assessed today for their second#greenflag award! The school is deeply committed to #sustainability, and the Eco-Schools ethos is reflected in everything they do: from learning, to procurement, or doing sports. Students are reflective, vocal, critical and certainly very passionate about their projects! We're proud of you!" (insert from the Eco Schools Facebook page, October 2019)

Receiving the second Green Flag comes as a renewal of our Eco School Programme commitment but also a responsibility for the School to continue  the work in supporting students understand the important aspects of sustainability on a global scale, making them global citizens and future ambassadors that share their commitment towards a truly sustainable world.

The VIS community is committed to creating awareness of the need for a sustainable environment and to leaving a green print on our planet. As the first Eco School International in Austria since 2017, VIS provides an education aimed to support its students in their journeys to become responsible global citizens that adapt their lifestyles and way of thinking towards a sustainable lifestyle. Through the Integration of the Eco School International Programme and the Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum, our students gain an understanding of the world relevant issues that should be targeted to achieve the sustainability of our planet.