VIS Primary School - Umweltzeichen Report

The Umweltzeichen has recently commended VIS for its actions.

The Umweltzeichen, the Austrian Ecolabel organisation has recently commended Vienna International School (VIS) for its actions in regard to protecting the environment. We are proud to share this article here:

In May 2019, the Primary School of Vienna International School received the Austrian Ecolabel certification from Umweltzeichen. The School Year 2019/20 was filled with many activities such as community actions to help reduce energy and water consumption in everyday school life, the introduction of the “healthy snack” project, which involves small meals from local, seasonal fruits and vegetables and rewilding targeted garden areas to support local biodiversity. 

Our Eco School green teams meet every week and take up other projects around the School, such as saving energy and water, recycling, food waste and protecting insects. Sustainability in the administration of the School is also an important topic and followed up with questions such as the need, the local possibilities and social and environmental impact. 

The VIS Eco School Coordinator, Marti Hendrichs, sums up: “We are aware that these generations must have the skills and objective understanding to be able to successfully cope with all future changes. We have a motto: "Together we can protect our planet!" Thanks to the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel, our students develop into ambassadors of sustainability in accordance with this motto. Our students take this messages with them everywhere they go in the world, and share it with their new communities."