VIS Primary Choir participated in the Bratislava Big Sing 2019

On 15 March, 41 Grade Four and Five students from the VIS Primary Choir took part in the 4th Annual Bratislava Big Sing event, which was hosted by the British International School of Bratislava (BISB) and organized by Rachael Howarth, Head of Whole School Visual and Performing Arts and Music Teacher at BISB.

The day was full of rehearsals, with a few breaks for resting, playing, and eating. The concert was held at the Bratislava Radio Building, with more than 200 singers from 10 schools in 7 countries (Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, England, and Scotland) on the stage. The repertoire ranged from an African folk song “Si, Si, Si” to a song “Africa” by TOTO to “This is Me” from the musical “The Greatest Showman” and many others, all accompanied by a live band of professional musicians.

The concert itself was fantastic! The enthusiasm, enjoyment and focus that the children showed was extraordinary. These are the memories that last for a long time and make the “hard work” of practicing worthwhile.