VIS Performance at Peterskirche

VIS celebrated a beautiful, successful concert at St. Peter’s Church.

On Saturday, 1 February the Vienna International School celebrated a beautiful, successful concert at St. Peter’s Church. It was VIS at its best with representation from Primary and Secondary Choirs and Orchestra. Our students were very well prepared, and performed with exuberance and confidence. The setting was stunning, and the church was fully packed with happy VIS families and friends celebrating together. It was truly a special occasion and everyone there was able to experience the beauty and impact of this event, which represents countless hours of teaching and planning from the primary and secondary music teams as well as dedication and rehearsals from our students. The concert ended with a resounding rendition of Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” to celebrate his 250th birthday.

This concert was possible due to the generosity from Father Dr. Christian Spalek, the priest at Peterskirche and Ms. Susan Ali for contacting and coordinating with him to arrange the performance time, including rearranging the schedule of their church organist to accommodate our concert. Father Dr. Spalek has 4 nieces who graduated from VIS, so it is a nice example of our community supporting each other. Many thanks to Warwick Stengaards, Susan Ali, Michael Burrows, and Karolina Sepp and the students involved in these groups for their work preparing for this event.