VIS looks into the future (VIS 2030)

VIS is committed to provide our students the space that helps them to inquire, to be inspired and involved.

With the ever changing teaching and study approaches in the 21st century, Vienna International School is committed to provide our students the space that helps them to inquire, to be inspired and involved. For this purpose, the School is  launching “VIS 2030”, a plan to remaster the School and enhance the learning spaces for future student generations to come. We strongly believe that a creative and stimulating learning environment further benefits our students’ own development to think “outside of the box” as their classrooms and school will reflect this quality.

VIS has partnered up with renowned concept designer Rosan Bosch, who made a name for herself in creating unique and inspiring spaces in schools all around the world. “We design with people in mind. Throughout our projects, we analyse behaviour and user needs to develop concepts that make a difference and create impact” states Ms. Bosch.

Together with teachers, students and parents, Rosan Bosch led workshops to learn more about the specific needs of each school stakeholder and which design concept suits our community best. 

We are excited to see how the School is going to transform in the coming years and the positive changes it will bring to our community and our learners, while working to equip them with competencies they need, to fulfil their potential and help shape a shared future built on the well-being of individuals, communities and the planet.

Rosan Bosch`s approach is reflected in the book 'Designing for a better world starts at school', in which she shares six design principles to connect the physical environment to pedagogical intentions. The vibrant classrooms, libraries and study areas that Rosan Bosch has successfully designed for other schools, invite students to engage with their surroundings and offer open concept classrooms for dynamic lessons, as well as areas to retreat and have individual study times. 

“Our ambition is to create more meaningful places, more engaging interiors and more playful ways to perceive the world. To do this, we work with colors, materials, textures and light to create playful spaces that fuel creativity, imagination and innovation.”