VIS Joins the Running Out of Time Campaign

We know that sometimes we get overwhelmed with the news related to the current issues of our planet.

But we, as citizens of the world, can act upon it and make a change. Even a small action, when multiplied by all, can create an impact and drive the change needed to leave our future generations a planet that helps them live and thrive, and not only survive.

During the 6-18 November, the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 27), will convene leaders of the world, to work together and try to find solutions to the most urgent problems the world is facing regarding our planet.

As an Eco School, VIS is joining the Running Out of Time Campaign on 3 November, urging the COP 27 leaders to take action and make Climate Change Education mandatory. 

Our Green Teams have been working in developing alternatives to engage our community in actions that reflect our commitment to our planet. Attached are some of the posters created by our Green Teams in support for this campaign. Read below the message that is being carried out by the baton for climate action:

“We are Running Out of Time.

Quality climate education is critical if we are to equip people of all ages and in all places with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a future in which all can thrive.

Young people need to be recognised as leaders, placed at the forefront of the conversation about climate change and empowered through education.

We are calling on the world's leaders to provide us with the skills and training to build a sustainable world.

Our world is warming and to keep the increase to 1.5 degrees we need forward thinking, consistent policies and funding to help us reach Net Zero Emissions.

We are committed to help build a future that is inclusive and sustainable for all.

Show by your actions, not just words, that you are too.

Help us get there!”

Every action counts, and if we aim for a sustainable future, we all need to act now!