VIS hosted the CEESA X-Country Tournament 2019

More than 120 students from six different international schools travelled to Vienna.

The VIS Competitive Sports Programme gives students the opportunity to compete against schools and clubs within the International Schools Sports Tournaments (ISST), Central & Eastern European School Association (CEESA), Danube Valley Athletic Conference (DVAC), Österreichische Schülerliga (Austrian student league) and at other local sports tournaments. VIS offers a range of sports to allow the students to experience and enjoy a balanced programme, which aims to develop an all-round athlete.

Between 5 and 8 November Vienna International School hosted the international X-Country tournament. More than 120 students from six different international schools travelled to Vienna to participate to the CEESA Cross Country tournament. The students enjoyed running in a lovely landscape just outside Vienna and the weather was simply wonderful! Congratulations to all the participants for their determination and fair play! Special congratulations to Nicolai Theodor Moeller and Nicholas Shaw for winning the first and second place in the tournament, at their age and group level.

This tournament celebrates the ending of a successful autumn sport season. A big thank you to all athletes for your efforts this season. As the age of smartphones continues to take hold of humans, it becomes more and more important for us to engage in authentic experiences. This is what we offer in our Sports Programme, an experience meant to promote excellence in sporting achievement, but also to cultivate the qualities of good sportsmanship i.e. cooperation, team work, respect for others, both on and off the field, and the ability to both win and lose with grace. To this end, all our athletes are expected to exhibit the highest standards of responsibility and behaviour in their pursuit of sporting excellence.

The Winter Season is now here! Go Panthers!