VIS COVID-19 Vaccination campaign

We appreciate our community’s cooperation towards achieving the safety goal.

At Vienna International School, we all do our best to provide quality education while keeping the community safe during the current pandemic. Since its very beginning, our school adhered to the set of measures communicated by the Austrian authorities, and quickly adapted the learning model to meet the health and safety needs of our students and staff. 

The School implemented measures such as social distancing, rooms disinfection and ventilation, designed to prevent the virus from entering the campus and limit the spreading when arrived. Regular testing at school, by pcr and antigen methods, has quickly become the school norm, after the authorities have asked for the school's collaboration towards detecting the virus at an early stage and isolating the affected individuals in order to protect them and the others.

Furthermore, we are particularly proud to have taken further actions to combat the spread of COVID-19, by offering COVID-19 vaccination to our younger students (6-11 years old). This initiative was taken by the VIS Medical Department as soon as the City of Vienna announced that the vaccination can be offered to children of this age, in an effort to stop the widespread among this group of age.

We appreciate our community’s cooperation towards achieving the safety goal, while being fully aware of the difficulties that students, parents and staff are facing at this pandemic time. At the same time, we feel incredibly grateful for the support received from the City of Vienna and authorities, in terms of providing all schools with masks, tests and a reliable testing & vaccination system which allowed our community to keep safe and hopefully reach the normality level soon.