VIS at the Pride Parade 2023

The Vienna International School (VIS) made history on Saturday, 17 June, by becoming the first school to have an official section at the Vienna Pride Parade 2023

The event was a resounding success, with staff, parents, and students coming together to show their support. The vibrant presence of VIS at the parade garnered much attention and enthusiasm from onlookers, including proud VIS alumni who were delighted to see their former school taking part. This landmark moment not only showcased the school's commitment to inclusivity but also aimed to inspire other educational institutions to join in future Pride Parades. Anticipation is already building for next year's event, as the VIS community looks forward to continuing this tradition of participation.

In addition to their remarkable presence at the parade, members of the VIS community demonstrated their generosity and compassion during the school's Pride week. Through various fundraising efforts, they managed to raise over 200€ for Queerbase, a local charity that provides crucial support to LGBTIQ+ refugees, particularly in the area of legal counselling. This significant contribution will go a long way in aiding Queerbase's essential work and underscores VIS's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the school walls. For those interested in contributing, donations can still be made through this link, further reinforcing the spirit of giving and solidarity.

Promoting DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging) has been a priority at VIS, as evidenced by the collaborative efforts of the Anti-Racism Club and Gender & Sexuality Alliance. As part of a student's CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Project, the students recently launched the school's first collaborative newsletter, titled "DEIB Now!" This inspiring initiative features a compilation of student submissions that delve into various topics related to diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging. By celebrating the diverse voices and experiences within the school community, the newsletter aims to foster a sense of unity while also educating readers on important DEIB matters. It serves as a platform to engage, inform, and empower the entire VIS community, showcasing the ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment.

These collaborative actions exemplify VIS's unwavering commitment to nurturing a school culture that embraces diversity and actively works towards equity and inclusivity.