Vienna International School wins the Social Media Award in F1-Competition

Started in 2014 at VIS, the program originally consisted of designing the miniature car following rules and regulations.

Formula 1 (F1) in Schools is a global multi-disciplinary innovative challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 compete for the chance to win. Over 33 countries are involved with over 2 million children competing in the competition. The program covers disciplines such as management, design, marketing and engineering aspects such as designing with CAD/CAM software, research and development, and manufacturing. 

The F1 in schools challenge, challenges you to work collaboratively in a team from 3-6, to create a miniature scale of a Formula 1 team, mainly supporting the team's carbon cylinder powered miniature car. The challenge also tests your skills in collaboration, sportsmanship, and verbal presentations, awarding the world champions with a well-deserved prize.

Started in 2014 at VIS, the program originally consisted of designing the miniature car following rules and regulations, but after starting a collaboration with the Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (HTL) in Steyr. In 2016, with our collaboration, we were able to start competing for a chance to win at the World Finals. HTL, focues solely on the engineering of the car due to their strong embodied stem education system in the school, whereas VIS focuses on the marketing (entereprise) side of the project. But this year we are starting to indulge more in the engineering aspects of F1 in schools at VIS, which has now become a unit taught in Grade 10 Product Design.

Since our first competition in 2016 in Austin, we have placed well, also being endowed with an award yearly. Below are the current edition of our achievements so far:

  • 2016: 6th Fastest Car, 9th Place overall and award for outstanding sportsmanship.
  • 2017: 7th Fastest Car, 11th Place overall and Scrutineering award presented by the FIA
  • 2018: 30th Fastest Car, 25 out of 51 teams overall and the Social Media and Marketing Award presented by ID PR and Marketing

"Having the opportunity to be involved in the innovative project has allowed me to expand my knowledge on various aspects of Graphic Design. Shaping and refining my skills as a whole to display my full potential in design. In all, F1 in schools has taught me that, “Chances are always taken". This project has given me the possibility to showcase my skills in design and meet others with similar interests. I can happily say I've made a lot of friends throughout the project and when meeting other teammates at the World Finals in Singapore, whom I am happily still contacting and looking forward to seeing them in the upcoming world Final." - Dana Jepsen, Graphic Designer at Singapore World Finals 2018.