UNODC Youth Initiative 2023

Vienna International School students are taking an active part in the communities in which they live, by developing community awareness about existing issues and acquiring the skills to make an effective contribution to society.

The UNODC Youth Initiative is a student group at VIS promoting positive drug awareness and healthy lifestyles. Meeting on a biweekly basis, the group discusses possible ways of actively preventing substance abuse in the school community. The UNODC Youth Initiative works to raise awareness of the issue of drug prevention amongst community members. 

For the first time in the past three years, the UNODC Youth Forum took place again in person as part of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs Conference at the UN Vienna. The VIS UNODC team has always been represented at these events and we were happy to be able to have Grade 12 students experience such an international event at the UN as part of their CAS programme. The 34 young delegates from 28 different countries delivered their statement at the Plenary and stated: 

“Young people offer unique insight into constantly evolving substance use issues, foster borderless interconnected awareness, and ensure long-term sustainability. We should strive to achieve a healthy, equal, and sustainable society through commitment, perseverance, and strategic evidence-based programmes. By laying the foundations of prevention through education, social programmes, and policies, we can stop substance use before it starts.” 

Well done students, we hope that you will continue to be such strong advocates of youth substance abuse prevention!