Unity Day 2023

Building a Stronger Community Through Kindness and Inclusion


The Vienna International School (VIS) Counseling team geared up for an exciting lead-up to Unity Day, an event of international significance that calls upon individuals to come together and contribute to the creation of a healthier community marked by kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

In the eight days preceding Unity Day, we had an array of thought-provoking questions to pose to the VIS community, each one centered around the overarching theme of fostering a more inclusive and harmonious environment. In addition, we extended a warm invitation to all members of our community, including families, to actively engage with these prompts, encouraging meaningful discussions and reflections.

Unity Day, celebrated on October 18, held special significance in our school calendar. On this day, we invited every member of our school community to wear the color orange. This simple yet powerful act serves as a visible symbol of our collective commitment to the ideals of Unity Day, signifying our dedication to the cause of creating a community defined by inclusivity, understanding, and compassion.

The essence of Unity Day goes beyond mere symbolism; it is a call to action that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. It invites us all to embrace the values of kindness and acceptance and actively contribute to a more unified and compassionate world. The Vienna International School, with its diverse and global community, is ideally positioned to champion the cause of Unity Day, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing a culture of togetherness, respect, and understanding.

We encourage all members of the VIS community to further take part in this initiative and make their mark on Unity Day, by embracing the spirit of unity and the values it represents. Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive community that extends well beyond the boundaries of our school and into the world at large. Unity Day is a reminder that we have the power to effect positive change by coming together and embracing the principles of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.