UNESCO Trash Hack Campaign

As a certified Eco School, VIS is committed to its pledge of environmental awareness and action.

As a certified Eco School, Vienna International School (VIS) is committed to its pledge of environmental awareness and action. By integrating the school programmes with worldwide eco-initiatives, VIS is using a hands on approach to solve the climate crisis one step at a time. As part of its action and philanthropy programme, the School has recently joined the UNESCO “Trash Hack Campaign” in line with its sustainable development education.

„VIS is joining the Trash Hack Campaign with UNESCO in collaboration with the Eco Schools and the Foundation for Environmental Education.
Small actions can lead to changes, and this is an opportunity for our community to stand for our commitment towards Education for Sustainable Development, that includes the restoration of our planet.
Small Trash Hacks include recycling, refusing to buy plastic single-use items (like straws, cups or bags among others), and any action that you commit towards promoting the restoration of our planet.
Let’s take action, inspire hope and offer solutions for our younger generations!“

Marti Hendrichs, Eco School Coordinator, VIS

As the first Austrian international Eco School, and due to the hard work of the students and the rest of our school community, VIS has earned certifications from eco groups such as the Austrian “Umweltzeichen”, the official Global Schools and Eco School Programme. Even though the School currently navigates between distance-learning and in-person classes, the wheels of the Eco School initiatives have not stopped turning.

With relentless drive and dedication from its Eco School Coordinator, the School managed to join the ongoing worldwide efforts and facilitate the further integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into the VIS daily routine. In an interview with Metropole Magazine, the Eco School Coordinator commented: “If we really want to save the planet, we need to step outside our comfort zones and examine our own roles in the state of our environment. We have long ignored these problems and need to hold ourselves accountable now. Our children need the tools to protect the planet when it’s their turn and we are the ones who have to teach them.” Recently, Mrs. Hendrichs was presented with the title of Global Schools Advocate, which came to confirm the school’s dedication to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Amongst our school’s most recent projects are the VIS Trash Hack Campaign as well as education videos on Natural Resources and Eco actions which can be found on the school’s Youtube Channel.