Trip to the stop motion studio in the Zoom Kindermuseum

A selected group of Grade 6 students experienced an amazing day, developing a story and creating a stop motion video in collaboration with students from Pisek in the Czech republic.


The students were given 30 minutes to create a main character out of everyday items while the children in Pisek created their own. They then had the challenge to combine the heroes of the story and develop the storyboard of the film together. The workshop was  set in a hybrid model – at times working on their own and then checking back in with the artists on the other side of the line.  

The Zoom Kindermuseum is equipped with state of the art animation technology, giving our students the opportunity to experiment and create a quite fascinating film. We learned about close ups, backgrounds and different perspectives. As a final touch we even added our own sound effects to our product.

 Needless to say that we were really proud of what our students managed to achieve in this short time and we are sharing the stop motion video HERE, for everyone to see their amazing work.