Student Exchange between VIS and the Japanese School Vienna

The inaugural Student Exchange with the Japanese International School Vienna was an enriching and delightful experience for both our students and staff.

1 December 2023 marked the visit of eight students and staff from JIS to interact with our Grade 5 students, creating an atmosphere of cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Throughout the day, vibrant discussions unfolded around the classroom carpet, fostering an environment of shared understanding and camaraderie. The engagement continued with interactive maths games, providing an educational backdrop to the cultural exchange. As the day progressed, students had the chance to socialize outdoors during playtime and over a shared lunch, deepening the bonds formed during the visit.

In reciprocation, on Tuesday, December 5th, Grade 5 students from our school were welcomed to the Japanese International School. The visit offered our students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese games, experience the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, and try their hand at the art of calligraphy. The positive energy and excitement were palpable, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of cultural appreciation.

This exchange facilitated the establishment of new friendships and also provided a platform for students to explore and understand the cultural nuances and diversities between our schools. Capturing the essence of this meaningful and memorable exchange, we are pleased to share that we are actively collaborating with JIS to extend this enriching experience to our younger students in Grades 1-4 during the next semester. This expansion of the programme reflects our commitment to fostering a global perspective and promoting cross-cultural understanding from an early age. We look forward to building upon this foundation and creating more opportunities for cultural exchange and collaboration in the future.