Student Debate on Independent Kurdistan

Grade 7 Students Shine in MUN-Style Debate on Independent Kurdistan


In an exciting culmination of their Middle East unit, our Grade 7 students recently showcased their intellectual prowess and diplomatic skills through a captivating Model United Nations (MUN)-style debate centred around the topic of an independent Kurdistan. This engaging and immersive experience allowed our students to synergize their knowledge from geography, history, and current geopolitical events, while honing their abilities in public speaking and diplomacy.

Throughout the debate, our young diplomats impressed everyone present with their exceptional critical thinking and eloquence. Armed with well-researched arguments, they presented their viewpoints on the potential establishment of an independent Kurdistan with remarkable clarity and conviction. What truly distinguished our students was not just their command of the subject matter, but also their ability to engage in civil discourse on complex and sensitive global issues. By exploring various viewpoints and engaging in respectful debate, they gained invaluable insights into the complexities of global affairs, fostering an appreciation for the nuanced nature of international relations.

We applaud our Grade 7 students for their unwavering dedication and active participation in this challenging and rewarding learning experience. Their achievements not only highlight their growth as global citizens but also underscore their potential as future leaders who possess the necessary skills to address and navigate complex global challenges. Through their involvement in this MUN-style debate, our students have honed their abilities to think critically, analyse information, express their thoughts persuasively, and respectfully engage with others—a testament to their growth and development.

By providing opportunities for our students to engage in intellectually stimulating activities like the MUN-style debate, we aim to cultivate a culture of global awareness, empathy, and effective communication. These skills are essential for our young people as they prepare to become responsible global citizens who actively contribute to shaping a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world.