Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day this year was on Tuesday, 7 February.


This event was originally initiated in 2004 by the EU SafeBorders project and it is now recognised around the world; 2023 marks the 20th Safer Internet Day and it will be celebrated in around 180 countries. 

The focus this year is on teachers, parents and carers having conversations about the Internet, listening to young people and considering what positive changes could be made.

Students are revisiting Internet safety issues throughout the school in the first couple of months of 2023 in many ways. In the Primary School, the younger students revisited the importance of asking a trusted adult for help if they see something inappropriate or unexpected, rather than clicking on anything. Our older students consider different online scenarios and the consequences of the actions that we take.In the Secondary School, the younger students learned ways of interacting safely with each other while the older kids worked on how to recognise and fight cyberbullying. 

Happy Safer Internet Day!