Rising Tennis Talent at VIS

We congratulate Dimitros Saragiotis, Grade 8 student at VIS, for a major accomplishment!

The thirteen year old Dimitros Saragiotis, student in Grade 8 at VIS, took the Peugeot Hobby Tennis Tour HTT by surprise this season, displaying a very strong performance. Dimitros, also called “Baby Tsitsipas” by the local sport publications, is currently listed as No. 129  of the HTT Masters Series 1000 tournament. In Austrian HTT, he shone in qualifying against veteran Alex Dem, Trivun Djumic and completed his terrific qualifying performance against the much higher rated HTT shooting star Frenkli Qarri. With these three qualifying victories, the 13-year-old has achieved his goal of reaching the main competition, where he competed and won the match against Peter Ofner. We congratulate Dimitris for his excellent performance so far and we will wish him great success in his future tournaments!

Read here the detailed article about Dimitri’s performance in Peugeot HTT, covered by a local profile publication: https://www.tennisnet.com/news/baby-tsitsi-auf-erfolgskurs-und-die-leiden-des-kevin-k