Model United Nations of Vienna 2024

Fostering Diplomacy and Global Awareness


As MUNoV 2024 comes to an end, we would like to thank all the delegates, staff members, committee chairs, teachers, guests and the secretariat for making this year’s MUNoV come into action. The conference that Vienna International School held from 17th to 19th January at the United Nations of Vienna, brought together a diverse group of students from various grades, all united by a shared passion for international affairs and effective diplomacy.

The 2024 MUN conference centred around the theme, "Ameliorating the Present and Fostering a Sustainable Future", reflecting the imperative to address immediate challenges while simultaneously laying the groundwork for a sustainable and equitable future. Delegates engaged in discussions, recognizing urgent issues such as climate change and public health crises, while developing long-term solutions that support economic and social development while preserving natural resources.

The theme prompted participants to think critically about global challenges, encouraging them to delve into the complexities of urgent issues while maintaining a focus on the necessity for sustainable, innovative solutions. The conference also promoted cultural awareness and sensitivity, as delegates navigated the complexities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Additionally, every committee at this year's MUN conference demonstrated unwavering dedication, contributing significantly to global solutions for pressing issues. Their hard work showcased a commitment to diplomacy and a passion for fostering positive change.

The success of the MUN conference was made possible through the hard work and dedication of all the staff and students. Our gratitude extends to delegates, committee chairs, teachers, and staff members whose unwavering commitment ensured the smooth execution of this enriching educational experience. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of our MUN programme in the years to come. Congratulations to all participants on a job well done!