Middle Years Programme (MYP) Writing Competition

The English and English Language Acquisition (ELA) departments are very excited to have co-jointly organized a grade-specific prose writing competition for MYP (Middle Years Programme) Grades 6-10 students. The goal of the competition was to challenge students to showcase their talents and ideas by focusing on the theme of “Close Encounters”. Our teachers aimed to encourage students, both ELA and mainstream English students, to create original work so they may explore and examine meaning, concepts, form, and points of views, and at the same time, to provide a platform for students to exhibit their literary work. 

  • Grade 6: Vivian Zhao (6C) – 1st place winner
  • Grade 7: Rivka Belemsaga (7D) – 1st place winner, Oluwatemisola Akinwande (7C) – 2nd place winner
  • Grade 8: Ayza Abdul Razzaq (8B – 1st place winner
  • Grade 9: Ranea Amir (9E) – 1st place winner, Charlie Holly Booth (9D) – 2nd place winner
  • Grade 10: Gregor Kossmann (10F) – 1st place winner, Eline Viora-Marquet (10D) – 2nd place winner

We were impressed with the high level of language used to express their thoughts as well as the fantastic organization used to structure their ideas!