Guest Talk by Thomas Brezina and Ivo Belajic

The lovely guests talked about a variety of topics, such as their work, their life and much more.

Thomas Brezina, a famous TV-Presenter, Author and Director and his husband Ivo Belajic, talented painter, came to speak to Vienna International School (VIS) students from Grades 4, all the way to Grade 12, on Friday, 12 November.

The lovely guests talked about a variety of topics, such as their work, their life and much more. VIS students and teachers got the opportunity to ask many questions, talk to the guests about their life, and tell Thomas about how much he has impacted their lives growing up. Thomas is especially known for his series, The Knickerbocker Gang, A Case for You and the Tiger-Team and his stories about the talking bike Tom Turbo, as well as for hosting the children's television series Am Dam Des. Thomas Brezina has published over 550 books and his work has been translated into 35 languages.

The online meeting had around 300 studentparticipants, teachers and other staff members, joining the call.

“I was extremely surprised that Ivo even replied to my offer inviting them to our school when I messaged him on October 8th, and was further surprised when I got into contact with Thomas and his manager to start planning this event. Although the event was sadly moved online at the last minute (due to the rising Covid numbers), I am happy we were still able to have Thomas and Ivo talk to students and spread their positive spirit and mindsets. I was lucky enough to then have the opportunity to meet Thomas the day after to talk to him and say thank you from all of us. He expressed his and Ivo’s joy to have been able to talk to us, and hopes that one day they can come to our school to meet us and our community in real life.” - says Maria Chiara Kaeser, the Grade 11 student leading this event.

We congratulate the Grade 11 team for their wonderful initiative and we hope that one day we can have Thomas and Ivo come to our school and meet our friendly community in person.