Great results for VIS during Donau Valley Athletic conference (DVAC) SWIM MEET in Bratislava

Well done to all our students!

The VIS Swim Team participated in the annual Donau Valley Athletic conference (DVAC) swimming competition, hosted by the International School of Bratislava, Slovakia. The event took place in the recently opened sport complex X-BIONIC SPHERE with a modern 25m swimming pool.

4 international schools from Hungary, Slovakia and Austria took part in the competition. 

The VIS was represented by 17 swimmers:

  • Boys High School (HS): Fraser Divett, Alessandro Matrone, Sardor Umarov, Murad Alyiev                
  • Girls High School (HS): Bianka Peirce, Alissa Krausz, Rosa Wolff, Sara Zeller, Livia Pochet-Maestroni, Diana Rubaga               
  • Girls Middle School (MS): Lily Baumeister, Magdalena Riecken, Alessia Duruttya, Maya Lowry, Alice Rubaga, Anya Kolesch, Iman Machibi               

During an individual and team events the VIS Swim Team earned 10 Gold, 9 Silverand 7 Bronze medals. 

  • Boys High School/Middle School (HS/MS): Fraser Divett achieved 3 Gold medals for 50m backstroke and 100m backstroke and 50m butterfly. Alessandro Matrone achieved Bronze for 50m breaststroke and Bronze for 50m butterfly.
  • Relays: Boys HS relay team (Fraser Divett, Alessandro Matrone, Sardor Umarov, Murad Alyiev)won 2 Bronze medals in relays 4x50m medley and 4x50m freestyle.
  • Girls High School/Middle School (HS/MS): Lily Baumeisterreceived 3 Gold medals for 100m IM, 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly. Rosa Wolff received 1 Gold medal for 50m butterfly and 2 Silver medals for 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle. Magdalena Riecken received 1 Gold medal for 50m breaststroke and a Silver for 50m freestyle. Alessia Duruttya got 1 Gold medal for 50m freestyle and 1 Bronze for 50m butterfly. Alice Rubaga got 2 Silver medals for 50m and 100m backstroke. Diana Rubaga received 1 Silver medal for 100m IM. Bianka Peirce received 2 Bronze medals for 100m backstroke and 50m butterfly.


  • Girls MS relay team (Lily Baumeister, Riecken Magdalena, Alessia Duruttya, Alice Rubaga) won 1 Gold medal in relay 4x50m freestyle and 1 Silver medal in s 4x50m medley.
  • Girls MS relay team (Rosa Wolff, Bianka Peirce, Alissa Krausz, Diana Rubaga) won 2 Silver medals in relays 4x50m medley and 4x50m freestyle.

Great results!!! Well done to all our students! It is wonderful to see what you can achieve when you work hard in every training improving your personal results and demonstrating your strong spirit and passion. A big ‘thank you’ to all parents for their support, patience and enthusiasm.