Grade 6 Visitor

Last week, we had a guest speaker in our Grade 6 ELA (English Language Acquisition) class. His name is Mansoor and he is a refugee from Afghanistan.


This lesson was valuable to the ELA class because our unit of inquiry is about refugees, so it was very interesting that Mansoor could tell us about himself, and his experiences. The guest talked about the gender inequality in his country and that there are underground schools for girls because they cannot have an education and women can't work. Mansoor is in a solidarity group for Afghanistan in Vienna and they want to raise money to buy equipment for the school and also to pay for the teachers to work there since they need to provide money for their families and to get food for them, yet the Taliban cannot find out about the underground schools. 

This experience could help us a lot with service and action because Mansoor explained that they are raising money to help build the school,  so we could collaborate with friends and have a bake sale or the school could have an event like the winter market where we could help out and the funds could go towards helping the girls to get an education.

Overall, the most important thing which our students learned from this experience was how lucky we are that we have our human rights. The students also learned that we can be grateful to have the opportunity to go to school since the girls in Afghanistan can't go to school or university and women are not allowed to work.