Grade 2 Project Highlights: "Sharing the Planet"

The Grade 2 students at our school are currently immersed in an engaging and enlightening Unit of Inquiry titled "Sharing the Planet."


This unit centres around the central idea that our choices in managing resources can have diverse environmental impacts. Through this exploration, the young learners have delved into the concept of waste generation within our school community, leading them to create compelling projects that reflect their observations and ideas.

Motivated by their findings, the students were eager to share their insights with the wider school community. To achieve this, they harnessed their creativity and communication skills, opting for various mediums such as videos and posters. The diversity in their chosen formats allowed them to present their ideas in ways that would resonate with different audiences, ensuring a broad reach for their important messages.

The students' videos and posters are truly remarkable, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm for the topic. Through visuals, narration, and even skits, they effectively conveyed the environmental impacts of different resource management choices. By explaining the consequences of wasteful habits and promoting sustainable alternatives, these videos not only informed but also inspired viewers to make positive changes in their own lives.

Congratulations, Grade 2, on a job well done!