Equality Action Week

Vienna International School celebrated Equality Action Week during 27-3 March 2023.

Under the motto “Flipping the Script”, VIS participated in the Equality Action Week integrating the Zero Discrimination Day celebrated on Wednesday, 1 March. The Earth Charter organization (https://earthcharter.org) invites us to work towards creating a world where everyone is treated fairly and equally, by promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equality. 

The Secondary School students shared their work with the community on topics related to inequalities about Natural Resources, Education, Energy, Food and Social Inequalities, while Primary School students had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and explore these meaningful topics.

We would like to thank Mr. Andrew Warren and the cafeteria team for joining our Action Week and providing us with very special international dishes, representing different regions of the world. 

By “Flipping the Script” our actions, whether small or big, can have an impact to end inequalities, therefore we are encouraging our community members to join us by taking actions oriented towards fair and equal opportunities for everyone.