Eco Learning in French

In a collaboration with the Design Department and as part of our Eco Agenda at school, the Grade 9 French team and students are working on a unit about the environment titled “Il faut cultiver son jardin” with a focus on local action and sustainability.

Approximately 50 students were engaged in a series of cross-school projects including building frames for Grades 1 and 2 insect hotels, constructing wormeries that will support the Early Learning Centre project on recycling and composting, planting an early Spring Garden to support the local urban pollinators, and developing containers for a project on growing our own edible mushrooms at school. This week’s projects were their first actions, followed by discussions about the significance of these actions in class. All that in French! The team will continue to collaborate with the Eco Agenda Coordinator to follow up on their projects and see reflected the impacts of their actions!

At Vienna International School, we aim to support our students in their journeys to become responsible global citizens that adapt their lifestyles and way of thinking towards a sustainable lifestyle. Our school has gained significant recognition for its work in developing a sustainable development agenda, being accredited as the first International Eco School in Austria, by three international institutions (Eco Schools, Global Schools & Umweltzeichen). Through the integration of the Eco School Programme and the Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum, our students gain an understanding of the world's relevant issues that should be targeted to achieve the sustainability of our planet.