Annual Performing Arts Winter Concert

On 16 January, our talented music students from VIS celebrated the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven with his famous “Ode to Joy” in a combined performance of the VIS choirs, the Advanced Ensemble and the combined strings from Primary School and Secondary School. Ludwig van Beethoven had a significant role in expanding the size of an orchestra from 40 to 70 members and created a new feeling when playing that was dramatic and exciting – something this Winter Concert was indeed.

Families participated at this concert, that openend with a majestic fanfare from the movie “Back to the Future”, enjoying the lovely combination of the guitar ensemble with the Soprano and Alto voices of our choirs and were impressed by the progress made by our Beginner Band. Not to forget the outstanding performance of “You’re a Mean One” by the Chamber Choir and the Adelaide Concerto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by the Strings and Advanced Ensemble.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening of most contrasting music, highlighting the musical ambitions and celebrating the learning of our students. The VIS Music Programme focuses on creativity while also encouraging the students to develop their own individual skills and building their confidence. Our students are able to learn many other things along the way as well, such as musical knowledge, social skills, patience and perseverance.

We are very proud of our music students and can’t wait for their next performance!