Delegation of the Jeollanamdo Office of Education Korea Visit to VIS

Vienna International School (VIS) received a delegation from the Jeollanamdo Office of Education in Korea.

This delegation supports 1421 schools in Korea (Jeollanamdo Office of Education Korea) with over 207 700 students and 36 000 faculty members. The aim of the visit was learning how the VIS facilities have been adapted to respond to climate change, and how education in Climate Change is integrated in the curricula in our school. 

We have discussed the VIS ECO Agenda with the honorable guests, along with how we integrate the Eco School and the Global School programmes into our curricula with the aim of saving energy, lower carbon emissions, and supporting local urban biodiversity. We also covered the necessity of embedding this educational approach in the school curriculum and promoting the environmental education needed for the restoration of our planet.

At the VIS EcoLab, the guests were able to see the students’ actions reflected towards energy, recycling, and supporting the biodiversity of our planet. 

At VIS, we promote environmental education from a very early age up to the point where students leave the school feeling empowered to take actions towards protecting the planet.