Circular Economy Challenge

A selection of eight Grade 12 students were invited to attend a Circular Economy Challenge workshop run by Synyo GmbH.


The programme introduces students to some of the challenges and issues with implementing fully sustainable economies and develops ideas on how to turn these challenges into opportunities. This workshop is part of an EU funded project whose aim is to introduce sustainability into the school curriculum and to develop a student competition about sustainability which would be held in April in each participating country.

Here is more information from the EU webpage:  

Here is more information from the EU funded group implementing the circular city challenge in Austria 

At Vienna International School, we aim to support our students in their journeys to become responsible global citizens that adapt their lifestyles and way of thinking towards a sustainable lifestyle. Our school has gained significant recognition for its work in developing a sustainable development agenda, being accredited as the first International Eco School in Austria, by three international institutions (Eco Schools, Global Schools & Umweltzeichen). Through the integration of the Eco School Programme and the Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum, our students gain an understanding of the world's relevant issues that should be targeted to achieve the sustainability of our planet.