Campus Life

Main Safety Principles

Students, staff members and activity leaders are allowed to access the premises during the school hours.

Parents and external visitors can access the premises only if they have a previously made appointment with a staff member.



Yes. Wearing masks is one of the most important preventive measures that we can take.

Students above 6 years old should have a mask with them and follow school regulations for wearing masks and practicing social distancing indoor and outdoor.

Masks are to be worn by students, teachers and activity leaders when:

  • coming into and out of the school building
  • when crossing the hallway
  • when ordering lunch in the Cafeteria 
  • in the changing rooms
  • and in indoor spaces when the physical distance of minimum one meter cannot be maintained.

Masks are required in classroom when the distance cannot be guaranteed. Teachers can decide when the distance required cannot be met and require (some) students to put on the mask.

When groups are outside and able to practice social distancing, students, teachers and activity leaders may remove the masks.

Parents and external visitors are required to wear masks for the whole time they are on the school premises.

Students, teachers and activity leaders should remain physically distanced at minimum one meter from each other in all settings throughout the school day.

Coming in and out of School

  • All gates open at 08:15 and close at 08:35. 
  • Students and staff members will enter through the main gate. If arriving earlier than 08:15, we ask that students gather outside the gate in their assigned areas by grade, keeping a distance of minimum one meter.
  • Students are to wear masks when they come in the building and when crossing the hallways.
  • The Primary School finishes at 14:55 and the Secondary School finishes at 15:15. School Buses will leave at their normal time at 15:23. 
  • To minimize physical contact and traffic, the Primary School will have a staggered dismissal starting at 14:40 with the youngest students leaving first. 
    • 14:40:  ELC, GP, G1
    • 14:45:  G2, G3
    • 14:55:  G4, G5
  • Students from Grade 2 and below need to be picked up from school by a responsible adult. The person collecting the student should wait in the designated area in front of the School until the class teachers and ESSs will escort classes to the gate and bus area.
  • Students should leave the premises after the School finishes unless they are involved in an afterschool activity. Those students waiting for a sibling must only do so sitting in the Cafeteria.

Early Dismissals (for Primary School students only): Parents are reminded that all early dismissals need to be logged on ManageBac by 08:30 in the morning the day of the dismissal. If you will be picking your child up early on consecutive days, ManageBac allows you to apply this notification for multiple days so you do not need to log in every morning to indicate this. It is absolutely essential that we get this information on ManageBac so that we can manage the process of escorting them to the gate and hand them off safely to you.

Lunch & Transportation

Lunch service preparation

The School has reconsidered the Cafeteria space and the lunch schedule, to provide staggered arriving at lunch and social distancing during the lunch time. Dedicated seating will be assigned to students per grade level.

The Cafeteria team has been trained to prepare the meals by respecting the hygiene and safety regulations in place. Tables will be cleaned and disinfected after every lunch.

Lunch Process

Students and school staff will need to maintain one meter distance and wear masks at the distribution area. 

In addition to the standard lunch service, the School has set up an additional Snack Point for Secondary students to purchase cold snacks during the school day. The Snack Point will be opened during lunch time (if students would prefer a cold snack to a warm lunch) and at breaktime.

Please find the link to the Catering service details here.

For your information, please find here the Lunch Menu for August & September 2020.

Bus Preparation:

Prior to the scheduled reopening of the school, all the Blaguss buses will be disinfected using disinfection cleaning guidelines and disinfection concentration recommendations for infection disease outbreaks. Once school starts, all buses will be cleaned after the morning and afternoon drop-off, using the same process. Available rows will be clearly marked to ensure that students are appropriately spaced. Students will be reminded (through posters) not to get on bus if anyone in family has flu symptoms. This process will be unchanged until notified by the School to return to the standard cleaning process. 

Boarding Process:

The bus boarding process will be as follows: 

  1. Students will sanitize hands with liquid hand gel when they enter the school bus.
  2. Students will wear a mask for the duration of the ride to school. (students should bring their own mask to the bus).
  3. Students will need to make sure they keep the indicated distance of one row in between.

Please find the Bus service details and contact here. The school bus company Blaguss will keep the 4 communicated routes for this school year. Please see here the Bus Routes for SY 2020/2021.


No. In order to protect the safety and health of the students and campus community, we will not have an in-person Welcome Picnic this fall. The COVID-19 Management Committee (formerly known as the Crisis Team) will be reviewing all school events and will decide, on a case-by-case and risk-level basis, whether to keep the event on site, move the event to the online environment or simply cancel the event, should this prove wiser for the safety of our community. 

The School will follow the government regulations in place. The School will review each event individually, based on current curcumstances. For the purpose of keeping the community safe, some of the community events will be cancelled this year and some will happen virtually. Please follow the weekly newsletter for more details regarding coming up school events or check out the Google calendar where will write "cancelled" or "postponed" before the title of each event on an on-going basis.

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