Professional Development


Professional Development is vital to the continuing advancement and enrichment of learning and teaching, because education, teaching and learning are changing almost daily. To keep pace with these changes, educators need timely and relevant professional learning. This learning will bring to fruition the our vision of ”inquiring, inspired and involved”.

Effective schools are “learning communities”, the core element of which is a culture of collaboration and collective responsibility amongst staff for improving student learning. Developing a learning community “culture” is a priority in our school’s long term strategic and human resource planning. The role of the educator has become complex and changeable. The collective thinking and wisdom available within ”learning teams” addresses complexity and deals with new issues and uncertainty. The formation of learning teams is a key strategy for effective professional learning and integral to the development of a “professional” learning community within a school.

The role of continuing professional development for staff is crucial to ensuring that the journey through school self-evaluation to school improvement addresses priorities identified through the self-evaluation, and enhances the quality of student learning.