Newsletter - 12 June

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Summer Holidays 

Please be reminded that the last day of school is on Friday, 19 June and this is a half school day. Primary students will be dismissed at 12:30 and Secondary students at 12:20. Buses will depart from school at 12:45.

School will be closed to students from Monday, 22 June until Friday, 28 August. The first day of the new school year for the returning students will be Monday, 31 August 2020.

Download the School Calendar 2020/2021!

Dear VIS Community,

We are happy to share with you what are our plans for the school building this summer, derived from the decisions taken at the last Board of Governors (BoG) meeting.

  •  The BoG approved the creation of safety barriers on the roof to enable a compliant and safe maintenance of the entire roof;
  • The BoG approved the roof renovation above school wing A/B/C, to start during the summer and continue throughout the next school year. This includes:
    • new insulation (Saving of 195 619kwh/a),
    • green roof to supports the biodiversity and reduces the cooling need in the top floor, 
    • photovoltaic which will cover approximately 16% of our electricity need.
  • The BoG approved the renovation of the Gym Changing rooms;
  • The facade to the sports field;
  • All changing rooms  will get a complete refit (floor heating, ceiling, tiling, showers, sinks, mirrors etc.);
  • The corridors;
  • An isolation room for the Medical Department.

The School Administrative Team will be working throughout the summer to organise and supervise the mentioned rennovation works, in order to have our community of students and teachers benefiting from them in the next school year.

Have a lovely summer!

Benjamin Kuscher, 

Business Manager

Information for Primary School Leavers Re:  Seesaw and ManageBac

If you are leaving the Primary School at VIS this academic year, please note that your child's Seesaw account will be archived after 22 June 2020 and they will no longer be able to access their portfolio. Further, parent accounts will be closed in June 2021 to allow for continued parent viewing of your child's account. 

We strongly recommend that download a zip archive of your child’s Seesaw account. The link showing how to do this is.

Please note that the files that you download are for your own personal use and should not be shared online with others.

In addition, parents leaving the Primary School are also reminded to download all files on Managebac such as reports, InCAS summaries, and possibly portfolios. You and your child will loose access to the Managebac account on Friday, 10 July 2020.

    A reminder from last week that the End of Year Report will be available digitally in PDF format on ManageBac and in print format by the end of the day on Tuesday, 16 June. Printed copies will be distributed to students attending school onsite.  

    Parents with students who remained at home during the Distance Learning period can collect the Report and their child’s belongings from the Dining Room during the last week of school. They should also drop off any iPads and books borrowed during this time. A table of lost and found items will also be available to search through.  

    Reports not collected will be posted by mail. Belongings not collected will be kept for collection the following year. Lost and found items not collected will be donated or disposed of.

    The Dining Room will be open for this at the following dates and time:

    • Tuesday, 16 June: 8:30 to 9:30 and 14:00 to 15:00  
    • Wednesday, 17 June: 8:30 to 9:30 and 14:00 to 15:00  
    • Thursday, 18 June: 8:30 to 9:30 and 14:00 to 15:00  
    • Friday, 19 June: 8:30 to 9:30

    As the school year quickly draws to a close, please note the following:

    • School ends on Friday, 19 June at 12:30. Teachers will continue to post learning online up until this day and time. Grade Levels that have posted learning through websites will open all pages from the year’s distance learning from the 17 June for those who wish to review.
    • Lunch will continue to be served at 12:15 as it has since the reopening of school. There are no activities, events or supervision after 12:30 and buses will depart the school at 12:45.
    • Parents of students who opted to remain at home from 18 May will have the opportunity to pick up their child’s belongings and End of Year Report from the Dining Room from Tuesday, 16 June to Friday, 19 June. Further details to follow next week.
    • Parents of students in Grades 1-3 are asked to start returning the school-owned iPad, case and charger on these days 16 - 19 June). Learning will continue to be posted online as it has been, but families may need to access Seesaw, Google Classroom and/or Grade Level websites on personal devices during this time. 
    • The End of Year Report will be available digitally in PDF format on ManageBac and in print format on Tuesday, 16 June. As in previous semesters, we have prepared a brief guide to reading the reports for parents - please click here to read the Primary School Parent Guide for Reading Reports. Printed copies will be distributed to students attending school onsite that day and posted by mail to families who opted to remain at home from 18 May and who have not collected it from the Dining Room as described above.  Please note that this final school report is an official document and should be kept safely as it cannot be issued again without a "Verlustanzeige" (police report) .
    • The school will be closed to students from Saturday, 20 June to Thursday, 27 August.  If you have a child starting at VIS next year in 2020-21, the New Student Orientation day is Friday, 28 August.  All students return for the first day of school on Monday, 31 August at 08:30.  After this time students will be marked late or absent unless otherwise excused on Managebac.

    Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on the occasion of their graduation!

    We will be happy to welcome the graduating students tomorrow for a short on-site ceremony. You are welcome to see the live ceremony by clicking HERE, starting 10:00, Saturday, 13 June. In the same time, we have prepared an extended graduation video to honour our students for their hard work and dedication throughout the school years at VIS. You are welcome to watch the premiere of the graduation video by clicking HERE, starting today, Friday, 12 June at 18:00.

    Re-Enrolment Intentions and Withdrawals/Leavers

    Parents who have informed the school of their child’s withdrawal at the end of this academic year by means of completion of the online re-enrolment form or by written notification to annualre-enrolment(at) have already received a confirmation email of acceptance of the withdrawal. Along with this email you received a Leaver’s Clearance Form of the respective school. Please follow instructions as outlined in the email and the Leaver’s Clearance Form timely.

    • In case you have not received the Leaver’s Clearance Form please send an email to annualre-enrolment(at)
    • In case your child’s re-enrolment status has changed and you no longer need a place for your child for 2020-2021 please contact annualre-enrolment(at) immediately with more details on your circumstances.
    • Please also know that the Admissions Office will be open during the summer thus if your child’s re-enrolment status changes during July or August 2020, please send a message to annualre-enrolment(at) immediately.
    • Please know that Leaver’s Clearance Forms that have not been submitted timely cannot be processed during the summer and will have to wait until school resumes on 31 August 2020.


    Online Donations for Project Centipede

    Please share to show that you still care! Project Centipede is the longest-running charity project at VIS, started by VIS's founding director, Maurice Pezet. This is a whole-school project, and we are asking families to donate money online.

    The online donations are going to The Milk Project, which supplies orphan children between 0-4 years old in Sinmaritn with ½ liter fresh milk each day. The milk is supplied by a local farmer, so the money remains in the community. This farmer is also a foster parent for some of the orphans. 

    • Bank account data: Projekt Tausendfüssler-Project Centipede, Bank Austria 
    • IBAN: AT19 1200 0006 0713 3501 BIC: BKAUATWW

    Donations can be designated for the “VIS Milk Project” or, because of the current COVID-19 situation, the organizers also take donations for the Banana Boxes as this year it was not possible for many families to contribute with items. Please use the same bank account, but designated for “VIS Banana Box” and your donations will be used to buy the missing items in the Banana Boxes.

    A team of Grade 11 students are involved in this charitable CAS project and all the donations will be taken to Sinmartin, Romania, to be distributed among the nearly one thousand children in need that Project Centipede supports. In April 1990 the little ones in Sinmartin received their first colorful box – a colorful sack of hygiene items - from us at VIS and since then, with your help and generosity, we have given children in need these little joy bringers every year. We have been supporting this charity for 30 years and we thank all VIS families and teachers who can make contributions to this worthy cause. 

    Please visit the Projekt Tausendfüßler website for further information about the project.

    Thank you!

    VIS Staff say goodbye to our leavers with an End of year MAHER FUN RUN COIN COLLECTION - WHY? BECAUSE: NOTHING CAN STOP US!

    It has been a tricky year for the VIS community: a year filled with many hurdles and obstacles.

    Needless to mention that not only to us the current crises has been challenging (and it still is), but likewise - or even more so - for the less privileged. At the beginning of May we have reached out to all of you - staff, students and parents alike - asking for your help in supporting our long term charity MAHER in these difficult times. Many of you followed our call making us come very, very close to meeting our goal of collecting 10.000 Euros. WHAT A HUGE SUCCESS – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    The school year is coming slowly to an end and we would not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate our successes as well as to say ‘Goodbye’ to this challenging year and wishing a farewell to those members of the VIS family that will be leaving school exploring new endeavors in their lives. 

    It is our goal to do so by keeping the MAHER fun run alive – only this time with a different twist: On Monday, 15 June, it will not be the students, but members of staff that run for the good cause (rumors say some members of the Senior Leadership Team have already prepared their sports gear …). 

    In case you do have some coins at home that you can spare, this is going to be your golden opportunity: We shall install some collection boxes at the entrances and in the octagon in the hope to make the missing 550 Euros. You will find the collection boxes every morning when you enter the building. Your reward shall be a short movie with some hopefully sweeping scenes from the run.

    THANKS TO THOSE who have supported us so generously already. Kindly keep supporting us and therewith MAHER. Together we can make a difference - 1 EURO = 1 CHILD = 1 DAY - Every Euro makes a difference.

    Cheers to 2019-2020!

    The Maher Team

    Summer Reading and Black Lives Matter Reading Recommendations

    Dear students,

    As always, we have a list of suggested books and tips for optional summer reading available on the VIS Reads! Website. We recommend Book Depository, as they are shipping for free worldwide. This year, we have also put together a list of great books by Black authors in support of the Black Lives Matters movement. On that note, please let us know about your other favorites!

    Ralph Ellison, the author of Invisible Man, speaks of writing and reading as a form of protest in an interview with The Paris Review

    Now, mind, I recognize no dichotomy between art and protest. Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground is, among other things, a protest against the limitations of nineteenth-century rationalism; Don Quixote, Man’s Fate, Oedipus Rex, The Trial—all these embody protest, even against the limitation of human life itself. 

    Enjoy and have a great summer!

    The English Department

    Big Thank You to all those who have already returned their Library Books. 

    There are still many books outstanding and we would very much appreciate having them back before the summer break. There is a drop-off box at the gate for your convenience.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at  PrimaryLibraryTeam(at) if you have any questions.

    We are happy to email you details of the books on your account, so you know what items you are looking for.


    Please search for Books, Magazines and DVDs that are available from the Secondary Library Catalogue here.

    Please use this form to request items from the VIS Secondary Library Catalogue for collection.

    Books will be made available for in-person collection. You will receive an email notification when your books are ready to pick-up from the Security Gate.

    Who Am I

    Dear people, my name is virus.
    I stole people's lives,
    for no reason but I did it.
    nobody knew that I existed in this world until one day.
    People's lives were gone. 
    It was my fault, but I did it. 
    People did not act fast enough.
    Until they saw me.

    They started to act about me.
    Not everybody but a lot of people did.
    The lives I stole were enough but not for my friends.
    Why I don’t know.there's nothing I can do to save them.
    I started and I can not make it stop.

    WHY! Did I start it
    You might be asking what is that I started?
    Well in case you don’t know it is called.
    Coronavirus, or covid 19.

    By Sebastian Santiago Guerrero (Grade 4)



    The Music Never Stops!

    Even a pandemic cannot stop our motivated band students from making music. Have a listen to a small sample of what we have been working on during the distance learning phase.

    Do you like what you hear? Then join us in September!

    Any students currently in Grade 4 (next year Grade 5) can play in the Beginner Band – no prior knowledge is required. The students will learn everything they need from highly competent instrumental tutors and perform together in their first Autumn Concert in October!

    Any students who are currently  in Grade 5 (next year Grade 6) or are already in the Secondary School and know how to play a band instrument, can join the Intermediate or Advanced Ensemble. Our lovely string ensembles and choirs will also start rehearsing beginning of September.

    If you have any questions, contact Ms Bottoms at ebottoms(at)

    Click here to see the Regal March

    VIS believes in the academic benefits of practical music making. Many studies have shown the positive effects of playing an instrument and VIS invests a significant amount of resources and time in furthering the extra curricular music program. In the past few years, the VIS Band program has developed rapidly and has participated in many exciting performances on and off campus. 

    Every student in Grade 5 may join the Beginner Band.  No previous knowledge is required. The tutors at lunchtime will teach the technical aspects of sound production and fingering, while the whole band rehearsal after school focuses on playing together and developing rhythm and musical expression.


    Thursday is Band Day! 

    Small ensemble rehearsals take place in various rooms at lunchtime from 11:45 to 12:25. Students will then proceed to eat their lunch to be back in class on time. 

    After school rehearsals are held in the theatre from 15:15 to 16:00. Students must attend both components. Attendance of minimum 80% of the rehearsals is required. In addition to the performances mentioned below, students might also participate in assemblies and other performances during the school day.  

    Our first lesson is Thursday, 10 September 2020. We will meet in the Octagon at 11:45 where you will meet your tutors. They will then lead you to the ensemble rooms. 

    We have three concerts planned: 

    • Thursday, 22 October 202018:00 - Autumn Concert (students have to be in school by 17:30)
    • Thursday, 21 January 202118:00 - Winter Concert (students have to be in school by 17:30) 
    • Thursday, 27 May 2021 18:00 - Summer Concert (students have to be in school by 17:30)

    The school pays for a majority of the tuition fees and music. We ask for a nominal contribution of 100 Euros per semester. Students are expected to remain in the program for the entire year and participate in all concerts and dress rehearsals. 

    • The Beginner Band runs from 10 September 2020 until 27 May 2021.
    • Students are expected to practice the band pieces at home. A quality check will be done a week before the scheduled concerts. 

    Performing Arts - Music ensemble participation contract - 2020-21:


    • Once I join an ensemble, I will commit to it, attend all scheduled rehearsals of the program, practice and remain in the group for the entire school year. The VIS code of conduct applies to all performing groups
    • I will be open to play different genres of music and practice my technique. This also means that playing scales (for the instrumental groups) is expected.

    Required concert outfit: 

    • Black shoes, black socks, black dress trousers, black top with sleeves, 


    • -Back dress with tights 
    • VIS tie or scarf supplied by the department.


    • I will read and reply to emails sent to my school email. 
    • I understand that I have to inform Ms. Bottoms and the ensemble leader wstengaards(at) when I am unable to attend a rehearsal or performance. 


    • VIS believes in the value of music making and covers the majority of the cost. You will be issued an invoice after the rehearsals have started. 

    Photos and Video: 

    I agree that VIS will take photos, video and audio recordings of my child during the performance and rehearsal. These can be published in school selected media (print, radio, TV, internet, etc.) without any financial remuneration.

    • Students are expected to practice the band pieces at home. A quality check will be done a week before the scheduled concerts. 
    • You can either provide your own instrument, or, if you wish, rent one through the VIS Performing Arts Department. Please contact us at ebottoms(at)  if you wish to rent an instrument. The cost of renting an instrument is 187 Euros for the entire year.
    •  If you wish to buy a flute, please use this model:


    The music we play is a mix of traditional, classic and modern music.


    For any questions or information, please contact us via email ebottoms(at)

    Message from the Competitive Sports Team

    Hello Panther Fans!

    Thank you. Thank you all for being part of our VIS sports family. From the student-athletes, to the Booster Club, to the coaches, to the parents, it takes hard work from all of us for our program to succeed. The bottom line is you get out of something what you put into it!

    During this difficult time remember what sports gives and teaches us:

    • Fitness 
    • Nutrition 
    • Positive Mindset
    • Immune system 
    • Hygiene 
    • Do your best

    This has certainly been a very unique school year. It is in challenging times like this, where our sporting experience can be applied to our lives. This is a big reason we play sports, to learn life lessons. With everything going on right now, it’s easy to become distracted from many of the things we rely on in our lives and playing sports are exactly what we need. 

    Sports Awards

    Unfortunately we were not able to celebrate the Sports Awards together with the community like last year, however, our students should still take a lot of pride in what they've accomplished - Congratulations to all of our student athletes! Our Sports Awards are a chance to recognize those of us who stepped outside of their comfort zone, excelled with dedication on their respective teams and showed commitment:  Here you can see the list of our winning student athletes. Well done to all Award winners - we are proud to have you in the Panther Sports Programme! 

    To all our Grade 12’s: Remember your times here at VIS. Remember the friends you’ve made. Remember the lessons you learned from teachers, parents and coaches. Remember to go out into this world and do your best.

    And to all of the Panther Sports Community, we are all looking forward to getting back to the courts and fields next school year!

    Play sports, stay focused, have fun and get better every day!


    PTA Meeting Minutes

    The last PTA meeting of the year was held on Wednesday, 3 June.  It was an enjoyable meeting held at the outdoor cafe, Donau City Treff.  There was lots of reflection on this year's activities and grants, as well as planning ahead for the upcoming school year. For those members who are "graduating" from VIS or moving away, thank you for all your hard work and best wishes.

    Please find attached the meeting minutes for the final PTA meeting of the year.

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    In case you change your contact details (adress, telephone numbers or email adresses) please notify the school by email change(at) so we can centrally update the information accordingly.


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