The Vienna International School is proud to have a large and diverse international network of alumni.

Alumni are more than welcome to visit the campus to reconnect and meet friends and teachers. If you want to arrange a visit, please get in touch with the Alumni Coordinator.

If you want to join the informal Alumni network, the easiest way is to join our social networks:
VIS Alumni Association (Facebook Group)
VIS Alumni Association (Facebook Page)

Looking back at 2016

VIS Winter Reunion 2016

This annual reunion will be held at the Aux Gazelles Club on 29 December, from 22:00. Enjoy an evening full of drinking, dancing and networking. Many thanks to Shimi Buchacher and Marc Melich for organising the gathering.
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Class of 1996: 20 Year Reunion

We had a great turnout for this event - 75 alumni including some parents, teachers, and kids came to campus for a lovely BBQ on Saturday, June 18. The day was spectacular and they continued the reunion through the night on the Donau. Many thanks to Patrizia Reindl-Schweigher for organising everything.

Alumni Charity Concert

Several VIS alumni who graduated in the early 1990s have set-up a foundation called Life2Live. The purpose of the foundation is to support the refugee crisis in Austria and other humanitarian emergencies as they arise. A successful concert was held in the William Kirk Theatre on 23 January 2016 and approximately 200 people attended. The show proved to be spectacular with a variety of singing and dancing performances. In the end, the group raised close to 3,500 euros to support the refugees.

Events for 2015

VIS Winter Reunion 2015

This annual reunion was once again held at the Leopold Café the day after Christmas. Attendance was estimated at over 300 people and the evening was full of drinking, dancing and networking. Many thanks to Shimi Buchacher and Marc Melich for organising the gathering.

Class of 1994 Charity Event

Our active alumni couldn't turn a blind eye to the refugee crisis in Austria. A successful wheelchair rugby fundraising event was held at VIS in September. Over 100 people attended and they raised 2,500 Euros, which was donated to Caritas. The event was organised by Shadi Abou Zahra and photographed by Shervin Rafsandjani, both 1994 graduates of VIS.

4 September

Over a dozen alumni came to the VIS for a Friday happy hour to kick-off the Class of 2005 ten-year reunion. Thanks to Isaac Acquah for organising this event.

29 August

Forty plus people turned up for the Class of 1990 BBQ reunion that was held on Saturday, August 29 from 12:00 - 16:00 at VIS. This close group also hosted several Heuriger events throughout the weekend. Check your class Facebook page or contact Jamal Raghei for more information. More photos will be posted shortly.

Events for 2014

27 December

Once again the VIS alumni showed up in force at the annual December holiday reunion. Approximately 400 alumni and friends gathered at Café Leopold, a hip MuseumsQuartier café that transforms into a trendy club at night. Alumni, young and old, hit the bar and the dance floor for an evening of reminiscing and networking. Thanks to Marc Melich and Simon Buchacher for once again organising this wonderful event. Here's to many more VIS reunions in Vienna!

22 - 24 August

Over 600 people came to campus to celebrate our 30th anniversary, which included a Friday night formal reception and a Saturday family BBQ. More photos can be seen at:

Friday Event

Saturday Event

14 June

The Class of 1998 held its 16th reunion on the VIS campus on June 14. About 20 alumni and family came to reconnect; many thanks to Ramin Farinpour for organising the event.

9 May

The Class of 2004 held its 10th reunion on the VIS campus on May 9. Organised by Katharina Walleczek, more than 30 people came for a wine & cheese gathering and later were bussed to a local heuriger.

Events for 2013

26 December

Looking for something to do after the holidays. Join VIS Alumni at Chaya Fuera in Vienna on Thursday, December 26 at 10:00pm.

14 December

Class of 2003 Reunion was organised by Ehab Bilal. About 20 former VIS students and a few faculty members came to campus for cocktails on December 14. The crowd had a great time touring the school.

8 October

VIS hosted a Career Fair for Grades 9 - 11 on Tuesday 8 October. Parents and alumni shared their knowledge and expertise in their particular field with students.

16 September

The varsity boys soccer team played VIS Alumni at the Sports Centre Donaucity.

24 August

The Class of 1993 held its 20th year reunion outside at VIS. About 20 alumni and several long time faculty members came to the event, which was organised by Paula Riobo. Email if you would like to see more photos from the event.

13 June

About 20 alumni who live locally participated in a Rumble in the Jungle face-off with the Varsity boys basketball team. Great fun was had by all.

8 June

The Class of 1997 hosted its 16th year reunion at VIS. More than 30 alumni enjoyed a warm summer evening of good food, good music and good company. The alumni organiser was Michael Neudek.