In the Secondary school, theatre is part of the arts rotation in G6-G8 where all students study Performing Arts for a semester. The courses in G9-G10 run for the entire year and prepare our students for IBDP Theatre.

In G6-G10, students are exposed to different styles of dramatic performance and styles. Improvisation and games play an important role in developing ensemble skills. As the students progress through the course, the challenges vary and become more focused on specialized roles in theater.

The IBDP Theatre curriculum for G11-G12 is a rigorous, comprehensive and challenging course. It is a combination of practical, theoretical and applied components.

Extra-curricular Theatre

Each year, VIS produces a large theatrical show in December - alternating a musical or a drama performance. These include students from G6-G12. Rehearsals run after school and students are encouraged to engage in all aspects of the production: from acting to stage design, from sound and light to publicity, from making costumes to make up, etc.

The Sound of Music (2016)

Photo credit: Linda Otterstedt

The halls were alive with the Sound of Music in the first semester of 2016-2017, with the entire school involved. The students and teachers all came together brought to life this much loved classic. The primary school sang Do Re Mi and other pieces in the Octagon, they auditioned for the role of Gretl and the teachers danced the waltz with students and teachers from the middle and high school. This musical was a true reflection of the school as a community and the overwhelming support from parents, students and staff was definitely "One of my Favourite Things".

The Three Musketeers (2015)

Our students were faced with the particular challenge incorporating real sword fighting in addition to the regular acting tasks. Lyndall Grant, Director of Captivate Action, usually trains actors for films and big shows, but this time she worked with our students! Thanks to the diligent training of our drama teachers, the students brought alive the original language, which was much appreciated by the crowded theatre.

Fiddler on the Roof (2014)

December 2014 saw the production of the musical "The Fiddler on the Roof" which included a cast of 115 students - this was also the first year, we had a full orchestra pit with our very own musicians. In addition of being sold out three nights in a row, it brought together students from all different grades and encouraged the cooperation with different academic subjects.

All in the Timing (2013)

"But what is Hamlet??" That year's production was a series of comic one act plays called "All in the Timing" by American playwright, David Ives. The series of eight witty plays, each unique, drew connections to all areas of life. Staff and parents from across the school were involved behind the scenes to create this successful community event.

Across the Universe (2012)

This theatrical production was based on an adaptation of Julie Taymor's film. By combining forces of drama, film, music, textiles, art, orchestra, choirs, bands, VIS students were able to present their own version of this musical escapade through life in the United States and Liverpool during the sixties. Memorable Beatles music featured throughout the production. In addition to the school performances, students were able to sing the songs at the renowned Vienna Musikverein.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2012)

"Ay me…! What a dream was here!" The cast and crew of the 2012 production shared cheers, laughs and tears in the green room after their third and final performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. What began as an unforeseeable achievement for many students, resulted in a strong sense of accomplishment and triumph for all. Three months of intense rehearsals saw our VIS students bring Shakespeare's page to the stage. In true theatrical style, the MSND cast and crew kindled this well-loved comedy with enthusiasm and passion!

Our Town (2011)

In this play, students used Thornton Wilder's Our Town as a stimulus for their work. Each student created a proposal for performance based on theme, character, dialogue, atmosphere, or anything else that they found particularly relevant from the play. A concept was created - "carpe diem" - and an image of an hourglass helped to develop core ideas. Theatrical investigations were carried out by the ensemble in twelve three-hour rehearsals following their regular classes where years 11 and 12 worked alongside each another. The students' challenge was to move from a text-based piece of theatre into a physical-based piece of theatre using the theoretical knowledge they gained at the beginning of the year as a basis for rehearsal.


VIS is an active member of the International Schools Theatre Association. Each year, we take students to the Middle School and the High School Festival, which are held in different locations every year.

Dance Projects
In the last few years VIS reached out to include movement and dance into its performances.

In 2017 VIS performed "Fantasy and Lies" based on Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg, in 2016
Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-SaŽns.