Parent Testimonials

Read what our parents have to say about VIS.

Keri (USA), Grade 10 parent

We like the range of educational and cultural opportunities that VIS offers and the diverse mix of nationalities. My daughter felt welcome from the beginning and, as a parent, I was quickly integrated via the great PTA programs that help with settling in and the critical task of creating community in a new country.

Patience (British), Grade 4 + 8 parent

I love the community spirit. My kids really love VIS and look forward to coming into school every day.

Dominika (Polish), Grade Primary + 5 parent

We enjoy the multicultural environment, the individual approach to teaching, and the dedicated teachers.

Nichola (Irish), Grades 5 + 10 parent

The mix of cultures is incredible and the children have a keen desire to learn.

Marcel (Austrian), Grade 1 parent

My son genuinely enjoys coming to school. He is part of a diverse and multicultural community in which people interact with respect and interest. Children are encouraged to engage actively in their groups, and to develop and express their views with confidence.

Norman (USA), Grade 11 parent

We appreciate the quality of education, the diversity of students, and the devotion of the staff.

Ilona (Polish), ELC + G1 parent

VIS has the best class teachers who use various methods to instruct my children. And of course, they have a great open minded international community!