Activity Week

Usually scheduled the second or third week of September each year, the school provides a myriad of opportunities for our secondary students to get to know each other better and work as a team.

Grade 6

The Grade 6 Activity Week focuses on transition and getting to know each other. Students will explore Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut region, visit the ice caves and salt mines, and hike around the Gosauseen. Activities will provide students with the opportunity to develop the organisational and communication skills they need for secondary school and to develop a sense of belonging in their homerooms.  Leader: Joanna Rance

Grade 7

The Grade 7 Activity Week is about developing camaraderie and teamwork through activities based mainly at the school. These activities predominantly involve problems solving in groups. One day will be dedicated to individual challenges at the Waldseilpark, led by professional instructors, where good communication, patience, trust and encouragement will be our focus. Students will have the opportunity to support one another and provide reflections based on these observations. Leader: David Groot

Grade 8

The focus of our Grade 8 Activity Week is teambuilding. Students will spend the majority of the week outdoors and will take part in a variety of workshops ranging from a beginners’ Parcours course and activities in the local outdoor park. These workshops are led by professionally trained activity leaders in experiential education and overseen by VIS staff. Accommodation is in the Young Austria outdoor centre of House Carinth, in the beautiful setting of Mariapfarr. Leader: Colin Campbell

Grade 9

During Activity Week the Grade 9 students will be exchanging their VIS classrooms for the beautiful landscape of Styria near the town of Murau and the Jugendsportzentrum Frauenalpe. During the week students will be working in homeroom groups developing important skills such as, leadership, cooperation, teamwork and problem solving. Highly skilled trainers from the outdoor education group Freiraum will be supporting the students. Leader: Jordan Oudart

Grade 10

Grade 10 students will enjoy a wealth of enriching academic, social and cultural activities; the aim is to enhance their self-awareness as learners and to identify their relative strengths and weaknesses with workshops from outside agencies. Students make a start on their Personal Project during this week, including a training session on ManageBac. The latter half of the week focuses on Service and Action, centered around the work of the Red Cross and involves an overnight stay in the local Lobau. Leader: Ted Guthrie

Grade 11

An important part of the Grade 11 Activity Week will involve building confidence of the students for their future studies. We will cover some of the key requirements of the IB Programme: academic honesty, extended essay and CAS. They will have a first taste of university life, while attending lectures and workshops delivered by our Diploma Office as well as 'Learning Performance', an experienced British educational agency in the University of Vienna. While many of the workshops involve helping students to understand themselves as learners and develop new techniques, focus will be placed on transition and maintaining a balanced life in order to achieve success. Additionally students will sit a standardized test. This test will benefit our understanding of their progress. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in wellness workshops. Finally, we will introduce the students to a variety of alternative quiet learning spaces in the public reading rooms here in Vienna.  Leader: Chris Hoellerer

Grade 12

Students will be involved in a series of workshops and meetings, which cover important topics designed to help them through their final year at school and their years at university. Some of the workshops will be given by outside agencies, that are highly skilled in working with young adults, others will be given by members of the faculty. For some of the time we will be working in the lecture rooms of the University of Vienna so that students get a taste of university life. They will also have opportunities of spending time with the homeroom and homeroom teacher. Students will take tours of university campuses in Vienna and have the opportunity to participate in wellness workshops. On Monday of Activity Week the students have the opportunity to work at home on their Extended Essays; at 2pm the students MUST come into school and hand in a hard copy of the final draft of their essay. This is an important deadline. There will be a BBQ and music event on Monday to celebrate the handing in of the essay and to enhance our sense of being a team. This will be an exciting school week for the students, where full attendance is, as usual, mandatory.  Leader: Helen Johnston