Grade Primary

After ELC, students move into Grade Primary where the children continue to learn through play with an increasing focus on early literacy and numeracy skills. The children also attend specialist lessons for art, music, physical education, and library.

Grade Primary consists of four classrooms with its own teacher, support staff, and a full-time English as a Second Language teacher.  During the day there are a range of learning experiences planned by our staff to promote oral language, social skills, early literacy skills and numeracy.

When the children arrive in the classroom, they find variety of curriculum-related activities and the children are free to explore, interact with their classmates, and try out their ideas.  The hands-on and active learning make it easy for children with differing levels of English to access the curriculum areas.  Through the organisation of the classroom and careful planning, the staff ensure that the children have the opportunity to become independent learners.

As part of our literacy programme we encourage regular reading in the classroom, both individually and in small groups. We encourage the children to reflect on their own learning by the use of portfolios, where the children collect samples of work throughout the year.

Grade Primary Parent Orientation Booklet