Early Learning Centre

We currently have four classes of children aged three to five years in the Early Learning Centre. Every class has its own class teacher and one support teacher. Our classrooms are open planned arrangements and children may wish to visit their friends in other classrooms. We also make very good use of our aula, where the children from all four classes can come and play at different times during the week. It enables more and varied play areas to be set up, so the children are exposed to a wider range of activities.

We endeavour to balance our classes by age, gender and language. We offer all children a full day place. However, you may choose to place your child for half day only.  All children who enter the Early Learning Centre must be able to use the toilet independently.

We provide:

  • a wide variety of practical experiences, for example, painting; collage; indoor and outdoor water and sand play; constructional activities and inquiry science
  • early literacy and numeracy activities
  • specialist lessons in PE, music and library

ELC Parent Orientation Booklet