2018 Yearbook

Yearbooks are currently printing and expected to be ready for the last week of school. Once the books arrive in school, copies ordered for students in the Primary School will be delivered to the homeroom classes and passed directly to the students in their homeroom. Secondary students and parents will be able to collect their copies during specified times in the Secondary Library. It is important to keep a copy of your payment proof to bring along when you collect your copy of the Yearbook.

If you are leaving the school and would like to have a Yearbook posted to you then please contact the Yearbook Team to find out about arrangements for this.

Any questions please contact the Yearbook Team.

Previous Yearbooks

Looking for copies of your old VIS yearbook or a particular copy that is missing from your collection? Please contact us and we will attempt to find it if extras are available. Isn't if fun to meander down memory lane?