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The study of music in the Primary school is the study of a basic form of communication. Students will join together in musical activities using their voices, bodies and instruments. Each child will be assisted in reaching their musical potential by developing musical reading abilities and performance skills.

The Primary music programme is taught by two music education specialists. Classes are held in two well-equipped music studios situated in the Early Learning Centre. Students engage with five strands of music to develop the following understandings:
  • Performing - singing and playing instruments
  • Creating and composing
  • Notation - understanding and reading music
  • Listening and appreciation
  • Music in society
In the Secondary school, music is part of the arts rotation in G6-G8 where all students study music for half a semester. The courses in grades 9 and 10 run for the entire year and prepare our students for IB Music.

The G6-G10 Music programme is essentially practical and creative. The curriculum looks at developing performance, composing and listening skills. Historical and theoretical aspects of the subject are important and take a supporting role. They are studied at the point of need and in a practical framework. Music technology and world music also play an integral part in the music programme.

The IB diploma music course focuses on composing, performing with related listening and theoretical work in history and world music. All IB Music students perform in public on several occasions. Students also complete a piece of independent research where they investigate and link two genres of music of their own choice.

VIS Concert Singers

Open to all students in the Secondary School, G6-G12. The repertoire of this group ranges from pop, jazz, musicals, R&B to classical genres. Ms Susan Ali leads our choir and focus is placed on collaboration with the VIS orchestra and bands. This choir has already performed in many prestigious locations, the Musikverein, the MuTh and the Hofburg. Our next music trip will take us to Warsaw in March 2018.

Chamber Choir

Our most experienced students from the Concert Singers have the opportunity to audition for this selected group. The repertoire is more challenging and focus is laid on four part harmony as well as a cappella pieces. This group also performs with the Concert Singers and the instrumental groups for special occasions.

Beginner Band

VIS fosters and nourishes a variety of musical instrument proficiencies. Students in G5-G6 can start with Beginner Band, where they learn an instrument and participate in an ensemble experience. The program consists of lunchtime rehearsals in small groups with a specialist and the whole band rehearsal on Thursday after school. VIS also organizes rental instruments for a very competitive flat fee for all instruments.

Intermediate Band

After having played for at least one year, students move on to the Intermediate Band. Differentiation is the key for the success of this group - we play all sorts of music, from Classical repertoire to the latest pop and film music. We often combine the bands with the String Ensemble to gain the experience of playing in a full symphonic orchestra. Again, instrumental groups are taught at lunchtime and after school, all musicians play together with our tutors and our Ensemble conductor. Students in this group (G7-G8) are also eligible to audition for the AMIS Middle School Honor Band.

Advanced Band

From the Intermediate Band, we draw the very advanced students to challenge them with their own repertoire. This special group is by invitation and the students are also performing with other ensembles.

String Ensemble

We have two string ensembles (one for Primary and one for Secondary School). These groups practice at different times to allow for differentiation and adaptation of the music but they perform together to give our students the experience of playing in an orchestra (sometimes combined with members of the bands and/or choir). In 2014/15 this group has been especially active - the music tour to Rome, the performance at the School Musical or the MuTh, the cooperation with the students of the Vienna State Opera Ballet school.

Guitar Ensemble

Students who can read music and have been playing guitar (melody lines) for at least 2 years are invited to join the Guitar Ensemble. Led by Ms Sonia Hernandez, this group works on a variety of repertoire, ranging from Classical to Pop. Combined with drumming and singing at occasion, this is a fun and educational activity, which gives our guitar players the opportunity to play together and learn from each other.

VIS Music Academy

Private music lessons on a wide variety of instruments are available through the VISMA programme. Please note that students may only attend VISMA lessons during lunch times, after 15:00, or on Saturdays until 13:00. The programme co-ordinator can be reached at visma.music@gmail.com.