Connected Learning Programme

The Vienna International School has a successful history of supporting and transforming learning experiences for students through the appropriate and purposeful use of technology across the curriculum.

Students at VIS access and learn how to use digital tools to inquire and research, to collaborate and participate globally, and to extend and present their learning in creative ways not possible without technology. They do so as an integrated and authentic part of their learning in subject areas and in doing so, develop the critical digital literacies, skills and citizenship competencies necessary to achieve their potential in a changing world.

In order to ensure all students have access to digitally-rich learning experiences and develop the digital literacies and competencies necessary to be successful in the 21st century, VIS launched the Connected Learning Programme (CLP) in August 2015. The CLP is an educational technology programme that begins with providing access to digital tools to support learning. As such:

  • Students in ELC & Grade Primary have access to shared school-owned iPad trolleys.
  • Each student in G1-G3 access their own school-owned iPad.
  • All students in G4-G12 are expected to bring their own laptop device.

For complete programme details, please read our Connected Learning Programme Overview. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Ben Hacking, Primary School Deputy Principal.