Learning Support

Learning support services are available to students in the Early Learning Center through G12. We embrace the IBO's updated terminology of 'learning diversity' and 'inclusive education' in place of 'special needs.' At the present time, learning support at VIS is able to cater to students who are intellectually capable of meeting all curriculum and assessment requirements; however, may need modifications to demonstrate their achievement.

The programme is dedicated to fostering the intellectual and emotional growth of students. It is intended to provide assistance to students whose learning diversity requires additional supports and strategies to maximize success. Following the request process, procedures are in place to develop an individual education plan with input from the student, parents and VIS teachers. The goals and strategies are evaluated throughout the year with the class/subject teacher, learning support staff, student and student's parents working in partnership.

Specific Services

Learning Support is a programme designed for students that have been identified as requiring the development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which may include modified/alternative learning expectations and/or accommodations. This support may be offered in the classroom by a learning support teacher or an educational assistant. Additionally, students may be withdrawn from class to work in a small group or individually as needed to develop specific skills.

Developmental support caters to students in the ELC through Grade1. Pre-reading and pre-writing skills generally develop between the ages of 3 to 6 years. A learning support staff member works with the ELC, Grade Primary and Grade 1 teams on a weekly basis to provide one-to-one or small group instruction focusing on re-teaching and/or reinforcement of pre-academic skills.

Consultation (Primary school) is an avenue in which teachers may seek professional advice, intervention and/or strategies with behavioural issues, classroom management, differentiation ideas or academic concerns. A learning support staff member meets with the class teacher to determine goals and the plan of action within the context of the consultation model.

Focused learning programme is designed to provide short-term support (approximately 6 weeks in the Primary school and a semester to a year in the Secondary school) with emphasis on specific student needs, enabling and empowering students toward success. Generally, students receiving this support may have a 'gap' in their learning and/or may lack confidence in their skills, thus, short-term specific assistance provides the 'boost' needed to successfully access the curriculum.